Man Singapore Theatre Festival 2011: Cooling Off Day

Why do you vote? What issues influence your vote? What does citizenship mean to you?In the months leading up to the 2011 watershed elections and its aftermath, playwright Alfian Sa’at interviewed various Singaporeans to discover their responses to these questions. The interviews were conducted across a wide political spectrum, from election candidates, to pro-establishment civil servants, to die-hard opposition supporters, to young people who would cast their votes for the first time. These voices, ranging from the comic to the serious, from the fearful to hopeful, form a portrait of Singaporeans concerned about their role in shaping the country’s future.

With the script assembled from the transcript of real-life interviews, Cooling Off Day is a play done in the style of testimony theatre. Performed by an ensemble cast of six, playing characters from 17 to 70, the play reveals how political views are not just the hot air of coffeeshop talk.

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Venue:Drama Centre, National Library Building

Price: $35 – $59

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