Ancient Treasure Ship & the Great Oman Voyage Exhibition
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This exhibition is brought to you by National Geographic in collaboration with Vivocity - “From China to Arabia, Ancient Treasure Ships and the Great Oman Voyage”. It is a wondrous display of rare treasures that date all the way back to the 9th Century AD and up to the peak of trade in the 16th Century AD.

Date: 25 Jun - 18 Jul 2010
Venue: VivoCity, Central Court, Level 1
Time: 10am - 10pm
Price: $2/adult (50% of nett proceeds will be donated to charity)

There are about 90 precious pieces of treasure that will highlight and depict the ancient global trade between China and Arabia. With treasures from the Museum of East Asian Art in Bath, UK, and ancient Chinese ceramics found in actual excavation sites in Oman, this National Geographic travelling exhibition will make its first stop in Singapore, before proceeding to China and the Middle East.

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