Ways to Stay Calm and Composed


There are times in our lives when we are like a fox running after its tail. There are innumerable tasks to be accomplished and not enough time to do them in. You have a to-do list that seems to get longer by the second. You thought it would take an hour but that does not seem enough. Relax, you are not the only one feeling that way.

In this new world of technology we all need to be more effective and productive. We are constantly in touch and communicating with one another. In fact the busier we are the more wanted and powerful we feel.
However, the business of busyness drives us up the wall at times. The moment we have unaccomplished tasks on our to-do list we fall behind and are then never able to catch up with them. Work just keeps on piling up. We begin to feel like dogs on a leash with no freedom to call our own. Life’s simple pleasures start taking a back seat and we wish that the clock had more number of hours. We know that it is one battle we are not going to win.

There is always a struggle between quality and quantity. We feel that being rushed off our feet means being busy. On the other hand if we do our tasks at a measured pace we aren’t. This is not true. In Zen Buddhism there is this anecdote of a monk who is furiously sweeping the front porch but claims not to be busy as his mind is at peace. Physically we might be doing a hundred chores but our mind is in our control. It can be calm and composed and in our command.

We think that the more tasks we have on our plate the busier we are. On the other hand we could have several tasks to accomplish but not be busy. The statehood of busyness is not defined by the tasks on hand but with the amount of engagement that we have with them. It is all in our state of mind. We might be doing the chores but be totally disengaged and detached from them. This is called living and not really being busy.

Time is judged internally as well as externally. It depends on where you are. When you are with your loved ones the time just seems to fly but when you are in an appraisal meeting it could drag on forever. Time depends on what we make of it and what activities we fill it up with. The clock was invented by man to give him some direction and let him know where he needed to be at what point of time. But, that does not mean that the clock override our lives for us. Being too busy makes us prisoners of time and the kind that we have created ourselves. We have created this of having to be busy all the time to feel wanted and productive. We drive ourselves constantly to prove this. It almost becomes like an obsession with us.

We need to change our life styles in order to change this. We need to inculcate this in our thoughts, mind and body to be able to imbibe it. There are some techniques that can help you do this. Take three deep conscious breathes and see how you feel. This will give you a feeling of being in control of the situation and detached. Having to look at a situation from the angle of a third party observer will give you another insight into it.
Become more aware of your body and the signals that it is constantly sending out to you. It will lift you from the subconscious state of busyness and help you become more aware. Take yourself for a walk to clear your head.

Do not feel pressurized by the act of being busy all the time. Talk to yourself that things will be done and get down to it. No deadline is going to be achieved unless your mind is calm and composed. The more pressurized you are the more mistakes you will have which will ensure redoing it.

Therefore make sure that you have just enough on your plate to be able to deal with it to the best of your ability. Do not promise things that you cannot do. Your state of mind is important. You do not want to be rushed all the time and then let your health suffer. The choice is completely yours whether you want to lead a life rushed off your feet or a life that has time to admire the beauty around.