Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem


If you are not confident about yourself, a little scared to make changes in your life, it surely means you have a low self esteem. It is true that all of us experience bouts of low self esteem some time in our life, but we definitely can make a huge improvement in this by boosting our self esteem. People with a low self esteem also do not lead a quality life. They suffer from inferiority complex and are not able to take decisions for themselves. Low self esteem prevents them from taking risks in their personal and professional life. The mistakes committed in the past keep haunting them and it indirectly affects your future decisions as well.

You need not worry about your past mistakes so much; you only need to look into the future which is bright and full of life. It is waiting for you. Just seize the opportunity and start fresh. Making these small alterations in your life would help in improving the quality of your life. It is not as difficult as you perceive it to be. Ten tips have been mentioned below which are simple and easy and you need to incorporate it into your life. These would definitely have a positive impact on your life.

1. Stop comparing two people. You are what you are and respect yourself for that. When you start comparing, negative attributes are first compared. This would leave you with low self esteem. Why play the game in which you are going to be a loser. You are here to win and enjoy and not lose and cry. Play the game of life which is full of love, happiness and joy.

2. Do not self affirm that you are not going to get anywhere in life. The Universe will accept it that way. Positive self affirmations would help you get the happiness. Keep repeating positive sentences and see things working out brightly for yourself. If you want to be treated with respect and love, do so yourself first. Do not pity yourself for having committed previous mistakes, forgive and forget. This is how we need to look at life.

3. Like mentioned above, affirmations are the best way to accelerate one’s self esteem. Refrain from negative affirmations. The Universe would catch those vibrations. Instead keep saying positive things. Start today, have faith in yourself and you can see positive developments. Positive affirmations along with positive feelings help a lot and the Universe will help you achieve what you want.

4. It is important that you accept all compliments showered on you graciously and wholeheartedly. When you do so, more compliments will follow. When you ignore them, they would run away from you. Your body language should only show that you are accepting them, otherwise it would reflect a low self esteem. The end result would be that people would reluctantly shower praises on you.

5. Enrolling for motivations programs, workshops help in developing a positive attitude. Listening to motivational tapes has a very positive effect on our personality. When you attend these workshops and programs, you are actually plating seeds of positivism in your mind and it is definitely going to bear fruit. This form of sublimal learning is surely going to have a positive effect on your behavior and nature.

6. Being in the company of positive minded people helps a lot. When you speak to a person who is full of positive energy, you also become like that. The actions, thoughts and behavior of a positive minded person is like a magnet. Avoid the company of negative people because they would have a drastic effect on your self esteem. If you are able to help such people come out of their cocoon, well and good. It is important that you develop a group of positive minded people. Being in the company of such people is like investing in hot property.

7. Acknowledgement of positive skills and qualities is of essence. People with a low self esteem fail to recognize and appreciate their own positive attributes. You need to affirm that you have these positive skills and talents so that they are able to bloom. If you are not able to judge your talents and positives, you need to find them out from a third person who knows about you. You would be surprised with the number of positive qualities you have and you have never been even aware of.

8. You need to voice your opinions. Being a mute spectator would mean you are tolerating nonsense. This should not be the case. Be firm about what you want to convey without being rude. This would automatically send the messages that you are worth your value. There would be a raise in your self esteem.

9. Positive contributions from your end help in increasing self esteem. It is not necessary that you keep doing things which they should be ideally doing. But making a contribution now and then would raise your level and value and also increase your self esteem.

10. Do things which you love doing. When you love doing something, it means you are not working. You are enjoying the entire process. It is not always possible to love your work, but at least devote some of your time to activities which you would love doing. This would make both your personal and professional life exciting and rewarding as well. Engaging in your favorite hobby would make you happy.

It is high time that you act. The Universe likes action and would reward you accordingly. Backing away is cowardice. Your muscles would become unhealthy and weak. Start action right now. You would feel better about the way you are. This would increase your self confidence, self esteem and this is what you want, don’t you!