Quiz: Should I go to Polytechnic or Junior College?


After taking the O-levels, thousands of students like you have asked this question year after year. It is a crucially important question as it will set your life down quite different paths. Thus it is important to understand the full implications of each of these choices and to make the best decision you can. Do not take this decision lightly and find out everything you can before you decide whether an education in a Polytechnic or a stepping stone to University via Junior College is a better option for you. There are many factors that will need to be considered before you decide and we have come up with this quiz to help give a suggestion on this difficult choice.

This quiz is by no means a professional recommendation and you should consult with necessary professionals if you desire. Take this quiz to find out which path is better for you!

Should I go to Junior College or Polytechnic?

Should I go to Junior College or Polytechnic?