Simplify Your Life in 6 Steps


It happens to all of us. Sometimes you wonder just how suddenly life got so complicated that everyday seems an ordeal. At these times, it is natural to think of the days when life was far simpler, better and how wonderful it would be to get back to those times. The connection between simplicity and an increased sense of well being is now well known. The main facilitator is the reduced stress levels and this is a natural outcome of simple living habits. Reduction in stress helps you relax and lead a healthy life.
So how do you de-stress? There are six ways you can do so and contribute to your sense of well being and good health. They are as under:

1. Make your home clutter free

The first thing you must do is to eliminate all clutter from your house. All of us have this habit of accumulating things over time and holding on to them in the hope that we might need them someday. That day never comes and these continue to occupy valuable space in our homes. Once you get rid of them and free your living space, you will sense a feeling of having reduced your burden and when you look at your clean as well as open home now, you are sure to feel much better mentally. You need not do everything at one time. Take your time to get rid of them by either donating them or selling them or giving them to somebody who really needs them. That act of generosity itself is bound to make you feel good about yourself.

2. Restrict extracurricular activities of your family

It is natural for you to volunteer for extracurricular activities where your family members are also actively involved. However, if that is leading to a situation where each member of the family is required to be at a different place at a different time, then that may not be in your best interest and what’s more, may not suit your pocket as well. It is necessary for you to take stock, commit to activities that give you pleasure and to restrict them to just one or two. Make sure your children do not take on too many activities in their enthusiasm. It may seem a bit military thing to do but will eventually benefit the family as a whole since all of you would get to spend quality time with each other.

3. Cut down or totally stop purchasing new stuff

It would be a good idea to carefully assess your options before going out on yet another shopping binge. Make your purchases with discretion and just do not buy anything that catches your fancy. Unless you really want the item, do not buy. Take your time and only then go for it. It is common for many of us to have purchased stuff we thought we would need at the time of purchase only to find it languishing somewhere in the house many months after its purchase and gathering dust. Having the discipline to be discretionary about your purchases would not only help you save money but would also reduce clutter in your house.

4. Keep away from people who sound negative or have only negative things to say

You need to surround yourself with people who are brimming with positivity. Life as it is has become difficult and you do not want more people adding to the depressing situation with their own negative remarks and comments. Yes it is difficult to avoid people but you can certainly keep away from those who you know are perpetually negative in their approach. Look around for positive sounding people and for those who are optimistic about things. Their approach and words are bound to have the desired effect on your own mental state and you will feel more confident about the present. It will also help you cope with any setbacks you have just faced and are trying to come out from.

5. Take time to plan meals

Instead of just eating anything that appeals to you and your family at that particular instant, take time to sit down and prepare a list of items you can buy to make your meals a more planned affair. That will not only save you money but also time and effort. You will be able to prepare meals that are simple leaving you with more time to spend with family. Regularly indulging in eating fast food due to paucity of time or lack of proper planning is also harmful to your health.

6. Make use of automation

Whenever it is possible, go for automation. Make use of programs on your heating and cooling systems, timers on sprinklers, avail of automatic payment and deposit facilities and so on. All this will reduce the stress on you to do things manually and leave you with more time for yourself. We must use technology and its benefits whenever and wherever possible and you will be surprised as to how much time and effort you would be able to save with these initiatives.

It goes without saying that for you to make the above changes, you would have to discard and let go some old habits. That would be difficult initially but as you make the changes slowly and discover the benefits; you will feel encouraged to make more of them.



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