Recharge Your Life


Find that your life is really mundane? Have you lost the zest or the skip in your step? Try these 9 tips to bring back the spark and excitement in your life.

Take a different route to work: we all tend to fall into the rut of habit. Why not try something different to get yourself to work today. Walk instead of taking the usual form of transport. Look at your city from the eyes of an outsider and visit the museums, theatres and places which they would.

Make your own jam and relishes: there is nothing as enchanting as picking fresh fruits off the trees and making them into jams and preserves. You could do this as a family outing and enjoy the feeling of being together and making something for you. If there are no such places near you, you can visit a farm or a produce farm and participate in fruit or produce picking/cultivation process.

Collect an inspirational quote everyday: Search for inspirational quotes that you can relate to and make meaning of. These will be thought provoking and uplift your mood. Make them into a diary and revisit them whenever you feel like.

Do something that you’ve always wanted to do but never did: How many times have you said these words about something that you’ve always dreamt of trying but just never found the time to get down to it? There is no better time than today or at most, the coming weekend. Life is passing you by and before you know it, you might be too old to even do some of these things! So live life and experience everything that life has to offer now!

Soak in the greenery: A visit to the gardens, reservoirs or lakes around you will be refreshing and a day spent with nature out in the sunlight is certainly good. The colors and smells all around you will transport you to another world which will certainly rejuvenate you. Sometimes we get so caught up with life, that we forget what it feels like to just be silent and enjoy the wondrous beauty that surrounds us. Take time to see, really open your eyes and see, and you’ll be amazed at what it does to your soul.

Run after fireflies: Try and find out things that you don’t know. Try to look for the unusual and the new and you will be stunned by the number of them that are around you. Become as curious as a child and you will learn something invigorating every day. If fireflies enthrall you find out more about them and catch a few to put in a jar and observe closely.

Watch the movies of your favorite actor: You certainly have a favorite actor whom you adore. Rent out all his flicks and watch them one after another. Become a master in one thing that you love, somewhat like a subject matter expert.

Read an autobiography: you have always had this person as your role model. Whilst you have been growing up or progressing in life you have loved the way he or she handled situations. Fine, read up as much as you can about them. Learn about their influences, ideologies and strategies. This will guarantee that you learn more about yourself too.

Be Charitable: That does not mean just doling out money but volunteering for service. Support a cause that you can relate to. Get involved in the lives of the less privileged and you will start counting your blessings. You will learn the meaning of a positive attitude and standing tall under all kinds of circumstances.

Keep a journal: Enter into your journal everyday your inner most thoughts and feelings. Write down inspirational quotes, a discovery, trivia or just something that made your day. It could be the lyrics of a new song or a new recipe you might want to try out one day.

There is no right or wrong things out here. Be curious enough and let that curiosity guide you further. Become a student for life and ensure that you learn one new thing every day. Look at life as a school and graduate higher.