How to be popular?


What is common amongst people who are popular and known by all? There are people all around the world who perform their respective functions, duties, doing work at offices, schools etc. Each one of them is different from the other as regards looks, lifestyle and clothes are concerned. The one thing common among them is attitude. The way they manage people – PEOPLE SKILLS is a powerful tool they adopt and this has helped them in achieving popularity. Many of them have this imbibed in them; some of them learn it and some of them work towards it. If you feel, you do not have it in you; you could always develop it and start getting popular.

Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. People who are not popular are where they are because of lack of communication skills. You need to make conversations, flirt, and crack jokes. Engaging people is a skill and you need to do a lot of research to achieve this. You may be shy and quiet but if you have to be popular, you need to come out of your shell. Changing and making alterations in your interaction style would be the first step. In the beginning, you might feel that it is too artificial. But there is nothing to feel jittery about; you need to do all this if you want to be popular. Be bold and do not feel frightened of making changes in your life.

1. Be friendly

You need to be friendly with people. Your body language should emit friendliness in your way of talking. This would automatically attract people towards you. Basically, you need to be nice to people. Entering into friendly conversations with known people and sharing views would be the next step. This is quite easy to practice and with time, you would have become friendly to so many peop0le.

2. Sport a smile

A smile says it all. Saying hello and shaking hands or simply greeting people is a nice way to be friends. Even if it is for a few minutes, entering into a conversation even with strangers might prove to be beneficial in the long run.

3. Stay clear of controversial topics

Select topics which are not controversial. Keeping the talk casual is important, so that you do not end by arguing. Do not select topics on politics and religion. They are touchy topics and 90 out of 100 cases, there would be arguments. You need to select simple and light topics. Heaty topics like country and religion would make you unpopular and that is not what we are here for.

4. Exhibit polite behavior

Being polite in your conversation is important. It is imperative that you respect people for what they are. Understanding the opposite person’s body language is important, so that you are able to judge whether they are comfortable with your conversation or not. Refrain from bragging and interrupting. They are impolite and not decent. Do not annoy people as you would never get popular this way.

5. Develop empathy

Developing empathy is a very important people skill. Many of the popular individuals use this tool. Do not worry much about yourself. In other words, thinking all the time only about you is not the right way. Worrying beyond limit about your looks, making comparisons is not going to get you anywhere. Do not go beyond your limit and show off. People are smart enough and they would be able to understand what you have in your mind. Instead talk to them about their home, school, office etc. Talk about something common and they would come out with something more important.

6. Extend a helping hand

It is not possible to know everyone, even if you are amongst the popular list. People know you because you would have helped them at some point in your life. Popular people do small things and yet get recognized. They are able to establish a good rapport with people. Simple acts of help go a long way in becoming popular. Small acts of help are a ladder for getting popular. If you really want to empathize, give them the feeling that you will hope that all good things come to them. Simple words like:

  1. I hope things work out well for you. I am here for you; if you need anything just give me a tinkle
  2. Should I talk to him? He should not have told you that.
  3. Do you want me to accompany you? We can sort out the matter together.

7. Be yourself

Popularity has nothing to do with looks and talent. You can be a plain Jane and yet be popular. There are people who are extremely good looking and are full of charisma, but are not popular. On the contrary, there are people who are so simple yet they are popular. People skills are what these popular people possess. Develop these and you are sure to become popular.

8. Don’t try too hard

You do not have to consciously try to be popular. Just being yourself would help. If you put up an artificial face, people would recognize it. Once you are comfortable hanging out with friends and entering into a conversation, then you can become popular. Remember to be in touch with your old friends.

More Tips

– People with a pleasant face and disposition are always approached by other people and spoken to. You need to emit warmth so that people are able to approach you with their problems.

– If you are not the sort who could say something nice, be quiet. This is a very important piece of advice; either speak something good or keep your mouth shut. Negative gossip is dangerous and do not opine about other people. If there is a situation where you have to give your opinion, just say something like – He/She has been good to me. May be he/she has some personal problems that has made him behave in this fashion.”


1. It is important that no one interferes with your privacy when you do become popular. Certain things need to be kept to you and it is not necessary to open your life to everybody as it would only lead to needless gossip. Popularity needs to be handled very gracefully. You need to ensure that no one gets an opportunity to pry into your private life.

2. Do not get nervous and don’t think too much about becoming popular. If you try too hard at it, people would recognize it and all your efforts would be in vain. People are able to identify artificial people and they would dismiss you. Your reputation would be at stake. So be careful.

3. Failure is the stepping stone to success. Do not feel bad if you have failed in spite of the efforts put by you. Some very good people are not able to get popular, however hard they try. Popularity comes very easily to some, and for some it is like the mouse having to move the mountain. Do not get flustered. Believe in yourself, for you are still worth what you are.

4. Life is all about ups and downs. Hence you should understand that popularity also has its own share of ups and downs. Sometimes, you need to open a new page of your life to make things interesting and happening.




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