Dealing with low self esteem


Low self esteem is the aspect of one treating themselves disdainfully, or having a negative altitude towards themselves. When someone is entertaining poor opinions of not respecting themselves, or trying to create and draw attention in crowds with feelings of inferiority, they are suffering from low self esteem. There are a variety of factors that are known to contribute to this such as continued criticism, mistreatment or failure to have one’s freedom of acting in the way one feels comfortable. Dealing with low self esteem cases therefore requires utmost care on the attendance of these aspects especially on children.

Be Positive

Proper ways of dealing with low self esteem involve the creation of positive measures and solutions to certain aspects such as how to avoid negative thoughts of oneself, how to avoid relying on others for approval, having self initiative, assertiveness, not having feelings of rejection or the inability to effectively communicate. Dealing with self esteem is very essential since those people with the negative opinions of the above values live very unhappy lives. These kind of people end up losing opportunities and are never satisfied with the kind of lives they live since they are not exposed to real life situations.

Evaluate Yourself

Dealing with self esteem requires the appropriate attendance to certain aspects such as proper examination of one’s thoughts in order for one to know what in the real sense motivates him or her. It’s not advisable for one to rely on others on approval or recommendations, since here, you will be exposing yourself to external control powers which is a way of lowering your self esteem. Another main aspect of dealing with self esteem is learning on how you can appreciate your own self. This is in order to create worthiness of your self by addressing certain aspects such as how you contribute towards the success of others’ comfort-ability as well as happiness.

Free Yourself from The Past

Another very important way of dealing with self esteem is where you endeavor to forgive yourself of anything disturbing you unconditionally. This can be reached by practicing unconditional love towards oneself and forgetting any past experiences that were abusive or can lead to low self esteem.

Confront Your Past and Your Failures

In dealing with self esteem, you can also learn to solve the fearful moments you have experienced in the past or any sense of insecurity. Rational decisions cannot be reached before working on some issues such as perfecting your habits and creating sound responses towards various experiences. It’s also another way of dealing with self esteem when you start doing the things that you fear or are challenging. You can start by visualizing on the factual side of them as long as they will not be harmful to anyone or against certain aspects.

Dealing with self esteem can also be perfectly employed when you start dealing with your failures. This is because failures are important experiences and are an integral part when one wants to succeed. Failure is regarded to be a learning tool for anyone who is wiling to succeed.




  1. Hi Folks – low esteem is not a simple problem which can be solved just by reading a book or by going to a psychiatrist or else. Low self esteem is deep inside a persons subconcious and can only be remove/eliminated and replaced by a positive esteem and strong self confidence by reprogramming the subconcious, the our subconcious works in fact like the hard disc of a computer where every detail of the present live and previous lives is stored.
    Reprogramming the subconcious can be done with professional Hypnose Therapy but mind you there are many useless so called Hypnotists who just want to make quick money. If someone want more details please write….

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