Ten Good Ways to Tell Her She is Getting Fat


It is a known fact that a man cannot say a lot of things to his girlfriend though they might be very obvious. One of them is anything about her weight and her beauty. No woman can take criticism in the right spirit when it comes to her physical attributes even if it is well meant. Assuming that the woman takes it in the right spirit and adopts the appropriate diet and exercise regimen to reduce some pounds, in her mind she is always going to keep your feedback in mind and will harbor some grudge against you for letting her know this so bluntly.

You therefore have to think of alternative and more diplomatic ways of conveying this fact to her. Given below are ten ways to do it.

No.10 – Buy her clothes that are too small

You can try purchasing clothes that are small for her and this will force her to admit that they are too small for her and will require her to get them changed in order to fit her properly. This way she has to reveal to you that she has outgrown her normal size and will understand that she needs to act to get into shape.

No.9 – Sign her up for yoga under the pretence of “stress relief”

You can advise her about the importance of being stress free and how it helps in leading a healthy lifestyle. This connection to her emotional well being is usually taken well and you can make her enroll into a yoga class. Ensure that she chooses a yoga type that requires hectic physical activity, which will make her burn those calories and you will find that it does the job in not only making her feel that she is relieving stress but also shedding some pounds in the bargain and she might even appreciate you for giving her this idea. You will thus at the end of it all get a partner who is not only happy mentally, but feel more confident due to her physical shape.

No.8 – Set out on your own weight loss plan

Another way to let her subtly know that she has put on weight is to admit that you have put on weight and wish to get into shape like before. Informing her further that you wish to go on a diet and commit to some physical activity over the next couple of months will open her up to the idea of following suit and she may join you. This way, both of you benefit and can be together enjoying each other’s company. Even if she does manage to see through your game plan, she will appreciate your diplomacy and will pay more attention to her physical well being and weight in future.

No.7 – Serve her unsatisfactory portions

When serving food, you can deliberately serve smaller portions to make her ask for more and this can instigate a discussion about her growing food intake and how she has put on some weight. Taking a cue from this, you can now recommend some exercises or diet plan that she must opt for and you will find that she will take the feedback positively. Since, it is in the course of the discussion that you will be commenting about her sudden weight gain, it will not seem like you are picking on her.
As far as your small portions are concerned, you can definitely help yourself to more when she is not looking and take care of your requirements.

No.6 – Improve your own diet

While you have been concentrating on your partner’s weight, it is possible that you may be neglecting your own weight and body. Remember to maintain your physical well being by focusing equally on your own body and this is one more method of making her conscious about her own body weight. If for any reason, you also start putting on weight due to neglect, then the situation could deteriorate to such an extent that your sexual relations could get strained and both of you will find gratification in ice cream and chocolates. When you set an example, you will also automatically pull her away from junk food.

No.5 – Playfully grab her love handles

It is normal reaction for a man to flex biceps, especially when they are touched by a woman. Women react very similarly when you touch them at places that have accumulated excess fat and there is immediate recoil due to embarrassment. You can use this to your benefit by lightly pinching her on her love handles and that will immediately make her conscious that she has indeed put on weight and she must do something to reduce. You have not only displayed physical affection, but also conveyed to her in a very subtle manner that she must recognize the fact that she has indeed accumulated fat in places that hitherto did not have any.

No.4 – Ask her to wear an old dress

You can also adopt a sentimental route to convey to your partner that she has put on weight. Make a plan for a romantic dinner and request her to wear something that would remind you of the old times and something you know would not fit her any more. When she does try to appease you, she would realize that she is just not able to get into it and will admit herself that she needs to pull down. You can take the opportunity to tell her that she looked awesome in some of those old clothes and that she must endeavor to get back into them. This will appeal to her and you will find her motivated to take the necessary action.

No.3 – Sabotage her chair

Though this is a method that is pretty nefarious, sometimes you may need to stoop down to this level to achieve your objective. No other indicator is as powerful as a broken chair to convey the message that the person who has just sat on it is on the heavier side and the poor chair just could not bear the weight. You can loosen some screws of the chair that you know she would definitely sit on and watch the impact. You can rest assured that drastic action will definitely materialize following this event and you will be really surprised at the alacrity with which this action is taken.

No.2 – Leave “now” and “then” photos lying around

One of the most effective methods of drawing the attention of her excess body weight is to make sure that some of her old photos placed strategically are visible to her. This will immediately let her know the changes that have taken place and when you also remind her of how svelte she used to look, you will prompt her to take immediate steps to get into shape and recognize the fact that she has indeed put on weight.

No.1 – Take her to places where she has to wear a swimsuit

You can also take her to places where the swimsuit is essential and when she looks at the nubile bodies around her at such places, she will acknowledge the need for her to slim down and will take the necessary action and the fact that she may be required to visit the place sometime in the future will spur her on to do something pretty fast.