Asking for a Date at the Right Time


The moment you have chosen the right time you have almost won halfway.

The timing is the most important thing when you are asking someone to come out with you. Of course there are many other factors too but this one is the one that will get you either a yes or no. Which night that you ask a girl out is the one that will make or break your date?

When I go down memory lane and recollect the relationships that I had the ones that went wrong were mostly because of the time. The wrong girl at the wrong time can ruin things for both of you. Imagine meeting someone when you are in high school looking for someone to get married to. Or meeting someone at work but office romances are strictly not a part of the policies and procedures. Or you are in a city for a short assignment and you meet a fabulous girl but the next day you are leaving for hometown never to come to that city again. Most of these circumstances will not be under your control as that is how life works. Bad timing can sure be your downfall where dates are concerned.

Sometimes the time for the girl might not be right. She might already be involved in a relationship and not looking around. If she has just broken up and is disillusioned with men big time then she is certainly not going to bite the bait with you. Maybe she has a career or family crisis and cannot be bothered to devote time to dating. This is just one of the quirks of life.

Once the invitation for a date has been accepted then you do have the timing in your hands. Weekends are always a good bet as you have no work the next day and lots of places have many offers over the weekends. Clubs and pubs want to attract enough customers by offering them lots of enticing offers they can’t resist.
Having said that weeknights could also be attractive propositions. You could get a very good deal then too. But, weekday dates are not as fun as weekend ones. The hard work at the office and the traveling can certainly take the zeal out of you.

Moreover, when you go out during the weekday you cannot stay out until real late into the night thinking of the next morning alarm. Weekday dates can be a possibility that you guys meet up and make plans for the coming weekend. So the timing for the weekday date has its pros and cons too.

Now, what could happen when a girl denies your offer for a date? You need not take it to heart. Let the girl have options to choose from for location and the time. This will make it more difficult for her to reject your offer. A denial need not result in a closed door forever. Try again for another day and time. The timing thing again plays an important role out here. Let your interest be known really clearly. Do not seem too eager to please the girl and let it be known to her that you too have some days that you aren’t available. This will add on to the appeal of being not easy to get.

Do not get bogged down by the excuses that come your way. They are there to back you off. If the girl’s interest index is low then nothing can be done in that case. Take a no at face value and try your luck somewhere else. It just means that the timing hasn’t been right. If the girl says no and you still persist then there is not much of a chance of you getting her to say yes.

You have finally got yourself to a nightclub. Timing is of utmost importance out here too. When a girl is chatting with a big group of gal friends and you go and ask her for a dance you certainly know that the answer is going to be a big no. time it right and you will come out a winner. Wait for when she is alone and strike then. The last song is being played and you ask her for a dance? What could the answer be but a no?
Time things right by knowing the surrounding and the strategies involved. Without that you will not come out a winner.

In a nutshell let us sum this up as:

  • The reason why a woman is saying no
  • Do not be rigid in the day and time
  • Take a no as a no and do not persist unnecessarily.
  • Do not sound as though you have no work and are free all the days.
  • Accept gracefully that there is something called a wrong time
  • Remember the rule that first dates on weekdays only.
  • The right moment to approach the girl
  • Ask confidently.
  • Maximum outcome will only happen at the right time.
  • Do not exhibit annoyance.
  • Find out the best moment to approach and strike then.
  • A girl who looks busy and stressed is guaranteed to say no.

So, after having looked at all these factors you know that there is a right time and a wrong time for everything even where dating is concerned. Girls do not say yes at every given time and you do need to keep this in mind. At the same time do not give up easily and persistence will pay you for sure.
Furthermore, even after you get a date you will have to ensure that you seriously think about the timing for everything so that you get the maximum out of it.

Happy dating!