How to Improve Family Relationships


What makes us happy? Is it money, job, house, clothes, rich food, luxury or something else? Yes, it is something else. It is healthy relationship among family members- dad, mom, children, husband, wife etc. we deeply desire to live happily. We make New Year resolutions in this regard. We take advice from friends and elders. Still we sometimes feel helpless. We give up.

Here are some practical tips to improve our relationships. Even if you say you already have good relationships, these tips can make them better. Situations vary from person to person. These tips are universal and have greater appeal.

Tip No. 1 – Healthy communication

The first road block in the path of healthy relationship is non communication or critical communication. Sometimes we try to avoid heated arguments or we don’t have courage to sort out problems. We stop talking. Sometimes we talk but give out negative signals. The anger builds up inside and some fine day we explode in one go. Don’t let this happen. Have an effective and positive communication with your family on regular basis. Let the talk be more natural and spontaneous. It may happen at dinner time everyday or as many times in a week as possible. Let the television be silent. Listen to your children. What happened in the school? Talk with your spouse. How his or her day went past. Hidden pain or pleasure will automatically come out. A solution will automatically surface.

Tip No. 2 – Let go the painful past

We intentionally do not want to forget our past. We relive the pain again and again. Sometimes we become hypocrite. We keep bitterness and grudges inside and show a smiling face. These things may happen between parents and children; husband and wife or other close relatives. We seek sincere apology from other party, whether he or she is capable of doing this or not. Who is at loss? It is only you and you. So don’t waste your precious time. Let go the painful past. It is in your own benefit.

Tip No. 3 – Quality time is better than quantity time

Some people spend hours together still they are not able to understand each other. We remain busy in mobile phone, TV, laptop or some other household work. We live under one roof but never try to know what is happening inside the mind of our loved ones. So spend quality time together. Go for vacations. Fix a time during a day when all family members should dine together or pray together or talk together. Share all good or bad experiences with each other. Relive the happy moments with your spouse. Try to become a child with your children. Play a game together. Cook together. Have fun. It will refresh you too.

Tip No. 4 – Don’t exaggerate the smaller mistakes

Sometimes we get upset because of our own day to day problems and spill our frustration over our spouse or our children. We scold them, abuse them and some time even beat them. They are the soft targets. On the contrary when we are in good mood we tend to ignore smaller mistakes. Think twice before doing this. What if the child spills the milk or grumbles at dinner time. What if a grown up child needs a little bit more liberty. What if your spouse leaves a wet towel on the bed. If something is bad it should be bad in all circumstances. It does not mean that bad habits should not be mended. It means that bad habits should be discussed and changed. This discussion will improve your family relationships and will leave you less stressed. The grown up children should put their thoughts and opinions more positively before their parents and should merge their enthusiasm with the experience of the parents.

A happy family generates good citizens and good human beings. In a healthy atmosphere each person complements each other and in an unhealthy atmosphere everybody feels suffocated and stuck. So work on building a pleasing atmosphere and keep on improving.




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