First Impressions


First impressions do matter. You do want to look the very best you can when going out on a date. The better you look more are the chances of you getting someone really groovy to go out on a date with.

The moment you enter looking really cool in that sexy new dress and the new high-heeled shoes all eyes will rivet to you. You know you are looking good and you can feel it inside out. The confidence that you get because of the way you look is immeasurable. On the other hand if you are wearing a business suit, leather shoes and a nice new briefcase. You certainly do look and feel successful. Hence, the bottom line is that our clothes do make us and have an impact on our levels of confidence. Nowadays, everyone is particular about the first impression that they make by what they wear.

Now, before you hop on to the bandwagon of retail therapy remember that you do not need to spend big bucks to look like a billion dollars. You do not need what the designers prescribed or what you have got from the latest catalogues. When you are dressed appropriately for the occasion you continue to feel good about yourself. It will give you a feeling of being able to conquer anything in life. Whenever you are going on a date you want to put your best foot forward for certain. Style that is trendy will enhance your confidence like nothing else will.

You might think that the latest trends are not made for your particular body shape or you don’t have that kind of a budget to splurge on clothes. No matter what your shape, you can look good and in fashion. Even when you are on a shoe string budget you can continue to be trendy. Make a note that black will always be trendy and never ever go out of fashion. Once you invest in classic cuts you can match them with other things. All the malls and high street fashion stores have plenty of things on sale which will assault your senses begging you to buy them. You might not want to buy this expensive stuff but that does not mean that you go for your next big date in something as comfortable as a T-shirt and your old pair of trainers. This will make you feel comfortable no doubt but think from the point of view of your date. Will he really relish someone turning up like that? He might have spent a lot of time thinking of the date and what to wear and here you are without having given an iota of thought to the attire. This is not done.

Women usually come out well turned out. It is almost as though it is ingrained in them however, we can’t say the very same thing for our men readers. Men must really keep in mind that the first thing that women will evaluate about you o however, we can’t say the very same thing for our men readers. Men must really keep in mind that the first thing that women will evaluate about you o however, we can’t say the very same thing for our men readers. Men must really keep in mind that the first thing that women will evaluate about you on your first date is the way you are dressed. They will look you up and down from your head to your toes. Being a man and thinking like one you might wonder what the importance of clothes is as long as you are neatly turned out. For a woman every little detail counts and conveys volumes about you.
Women will not really tell you about clothes and all that stuff but it is always there at the back of their minds. Men on the other hand have other things to think of. Women will not just notice the hygiene factor but every little thing such as a button missing from the shirt, socks not matched according to the way they should have been. All this boils down to the fact that you thrive on being wild and untamed or you give a hoot about how you look to the world. If you are unable to dress well what do you think the woman will think about your prowess?

Out of the entire wardrobe put together the one thing that will speak a lot about you are your shoes. They will tell the true story to the observer. Be practical when buying shoes. Keep comfort at the top of the list. Then they should suit your dress, yourself and give you a nice walk. Do not buy what you see in the showroom until you do not think that it will make you. The shoes must go along with the dress and add on the try kind of wow feeling to it. Do not mix colors that do not go together such as black and brown which is a fashion faux pa. Look into the mirror and see which of your outfits match with your new pair of shoes. Good shoes let the opposite person know the attention and time you have spent getting dressed. Women notice all these little things and store them somewhere at the back of their minds.

Men sometimes think that just because a woman portrays herself to be casual and chilled out she will not be concerned about these things. But, they will be wrong and will find out only when it is too late to be able to make any amends. Smart and casual can go hand in hand. Men are not aware of how much time women actually spend getting dressed for them. They think the causal cultivated look is just a couple of clothes thrown on. That is one of the reasons why they come dressed so when they come to meet you. The crumpled shirt and a pair of trousers off the rack looks fine enough to men for a night out.

People love to read fashion magazines but read what they say with a pinch of salt. You will see pictures of men dressed to the hilt in these magazines but this is not the overall accepted fashion rule for sure. An average man can be found shopping at a mall on an afternoon in a real hurry. They quickly make their choice based on brand and certain well-known names they certainly lag behind shopping when compared to a woman. Women go shopping with a strategy in mind. But, men do not fret. If they have deep pockets they can buy themselves the best.

Men who are in the adulthood stage must have a black suit of good quality. This is a must in their wardrobe. Then he must have one good jacket and some pastel colored cotton shirts. At least three pairs of black leather shoes. A good watch is a must have for men. A man could wear one good piece of jewelry and not go overboard where jewelry is concerned. For a man the most important thing on him is the watch. A quality watch talks about refinement and finesse. It lets the women know your taste and the kinds of things you like.
Next on your list must be a good wallet. And it must be well-kept, not stuffed with papers, bills and what not. The color most liked is of course black. First impressions can go on to create perceptions that last a lifetime. You do not want to take any chance with this do you? But, if you think only a few men ever think about all these things in their entire life. They put comfort and relaxation on the top of their list. If you want to change the way you look ask some of your women friends for some tips that could be handy.

It is becoming more and more crucial for us to look good, of course, not at the expense of comfort. Aftershave and cologne used in the right proportions will do wonders for you. They need to be of the highest quality and the fragrance should be a real turn on. The brand doesn’t really matter as long as it meets the other parameters. Women will certainly give a lot of importance to this. Spray the fragrance for a trial to give you an idea of what you are getting.

Then finally, take a look at what the makeover has turned you into and step out for the date of your life.