Are u really listening?


Good listening is a skill that one can develop over a period of time with practice. It helps one develop good communication skills and be able to express one’s ideas to the other person. If you are able to listen patiently then it will have an effect on your professional and personal life. You have to listen to what the other person is saying in order to be able to respond appropriately.

If you do not pay close attention to what an individual is telling you then you will be forming perceptions and judging the person on inferences rather than what the person is telling you. The tips given beneath will enable you to have excellent listening skills.

Eye Contact

Firstly, maintain eye contact with the people you are speaking to. It is important that you look straight at them and nowhere else around the room. This will let the person in front of you know that you are interested in what they are telling you.


Keep all the other thoughts out of your mind. Concentrate completely on the person who is in front of you. Do not think of your best actor now. The mind has a habit of wandering do not allow it to do so. Sit in such a way that your body language conveys s that you are interested.

Don’t Interrupt

Whatever happens do not interrupt the person while they are speaking. Wait for the person to finish speaking and then ask your questions. Barriers to listening will be all around you. Do not let them overtake your listening ability. If the noise around you is too much, move to a quieter place. Confidential conversations should be had in a place where you will not be overheard.


Learn to empathize with the speaker by putting yourself on the other end of the fence. This will make certain that you understand what the person is trying to tell you. Acknowledgements go a long way in letting the person know that you are listening and understanding what is being said.
It is better to know what the topic of the conversation going to be is. This will help you to be prepared with your clarifications and things to say. Also, there will be no unpleasant surprises coming your way.
Whilst you are listening, see that you are able to capture the content words. Write these down so that you can look at them later.