We all know that men are very different from women and what you, as a woman may find attractive could be quite different from what attracts a man. This list of characteristics that make a woman more attractive to a man has been researched and compiled from many sources and we are confident that it will help you not just to become more desirable to men but become a better person as a whole.

8. Well-groomed

Whether we want to admit it or not, look matters. Probably more so for guys than gals, but it matters. It is the most immediate representation of yourself to others. Even before anyone can see all your other positive traits, if you are badly groomed, it will make it harder for others to see your other positive sides. Fortunately, this is the most thing to accomplish on this list. Much much easier. All it takes is some effort and if you are really poor in the style arena, some friendly feedback from friends. And while it makes our list of most important traits, it’s also the least important.

7. Skillful or Knowledgable

Like it or not, we are all drawn to people who demonstrate skills and abilites above the average person. Just look at sportsmen and the youtube videos you enjoy watching. We appreciate people who have talents and take the time to develop them. It impresses us. While this should not be the ultimate aim of developing your interests and talents, it is beneficial for us in more ways than one to go deeper into areas of our lives that we are inclined towards.

6. Positive

People generally like to hang around positive people. When was the last time you can’t wait to get away from a person who was always groaning and bitching about things? People like to feel good about themselves and the things around them and positive people gives them that. More than that, positive people generally sees the good in others, which naturally makes them better people much like how a child will see themselves how parents see them.

5. Determined

This trait probably forms the foundation on which the earlier traits can be built upon. Once again, it demonstrates strength and by nature’s law, we are all drawn to things that are strong. Determination is required in order to uphold one’s integrity, to develop one’s talents and even to be positive. Remember, we are all inherently drawn to people who exudes strength.

4. Not Self-Centered

One can immediately sense when a person feels that the whole world should revolve around them. Do you like such people? However, when was the last time you saw someone who really gave themselves for others and demonstrated compassion and love for someone else who needed it? How did you feel about that person? Exactly.

3. Confident

This trait is definitely true for both man and woman. A confident person naturally exudes an aura of attractivenes not just to potential mates but also to friends and family. We are all created with insane potential and abilites, the difference why some realize it and others fall so far short is largely due to how we see ours. The famous quote by Henry Ford goes something like this: “Whether you believe you can or cannot do it, you are right.”

2. Integrity

This is such a rare trait these days that anyone who can consistently hold on to their integrity will become a highly attractive person. There is a certain strength and charm released by a person who refuses to compromise their beliefs and conviction no matter the cost. It speaks of character and righteousness, major currencies severely lacking in many of us today.


1. Secured

There is nothing more attractive than men and women who know and accept who they are and do not require the endorsement from anyone else to realize that they are beautiful. The contrary is also true, there is nothing less attractive than one who derives his/her self-worth from the opinions of others.