6 Ways to Overcome Distractions and Complete Assignments


The advent of the internet and other electronic gadgets like the mobile phone has made life easy as well as difficult for teens to focus on their studies and schoolwork. Life is easy because you can communicate with so many people quickly at one time, watch YouTube, make calls and also do your research for a topic. At the same time, the distractions you face due to these communication devices are equally frustrating and can make you lose concentration ever so often.

To give you an example, just to put this post together has taken me a long time due to the fact that I have been checking on my account on Face book. Though people will always be online when you want them, this apprehension and eagerness to talk to them leaving aside your homework is just not useful for you and can be counterproductive. You need to therefore close all windows of Safari, Firefox and Chrome and get down to doing the task on hand.

Let us look at certain ways to help you utilize your time better so that you stay focused and can complete your work.

1. Switch off the broadband internet facility.
It may sound crazy but doing that will automatically stop you opening up the browser and will enable you to concentrate on what you are doing since you would not feel like switching it on each time you wish to browse.

2. Allocate a set time for internet browsing and social networking.
When you allocate a time for yourself, you will automatically follow discipline in sticking to that time and would be able to finish your school task on time. Not doing this will lead you to keep sitting and browsing without any control and suddenly you will realize that you have wasted time.

3. Enjoy short interval breaks.
If history lessons bore you to taking a nap and in order to avoid taking a nap you end up browsing the internet, then it is recommended that you treat yourself deliberately to short breaks of two to five minutes during the time of homework or when you are reading so that the monotony is broken and you come back refreshed each time. This is much better than wasting time browsing sites.

4. Ensure you complete your work and do not procrastinate.
The practice of procrastinating is a very common one and you need to guard against it. I myself am guilty of watching YouTube videos, chatting on email or simply just doing nothing. I have understood that procrastinating is not rewarding at all and you only end up pressurizing yourself at the last minute with too many things to do. Taking time to prepare or doing the work completely at that time itself is far more rewarding and you will feel happy about it.

5. Set your priorities!
You need to get your priorities right. A decade from now, you should not be repenting the time you wasted in your teens browsing the internet and not doing the things you should have been doing. You would do better to just take a walk or spend time with your family. Try to read and engage yourself in activities that do not require the computer. I must admit that I myself am guilty of this and need to set my priorities immediately. But at least I am aware of what I need to do and that is half the job done.

6. Stop reading blogs always and implement the ideas mentioned in them right away!
Finally after all the reading you do about how to manage time effectively, it is of no use if you cannot implement it as the knowledge you have gained will get wasted if not put to good use.




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