5 Tips to Improve Your Interpersonal Skills


No man is an island and one will always need to work with others. Therefore, interpersonal communication skills are crucial. They will help you to get more friends and be able to gel with everyone around you. You will be able to have friends who will be willing to stand by you and not only be passing friends.

The five tips listed below will help you to win friends:

Tip #1 – Do Not Lie

No one likes a liar but someone who they can trust and bank on for certain. Come across as a genuine person who speaks their mind. Do not put up pretence because people can see through it. Honesty is the main ingredient of any long lasting friendship.

Tip #2 – Do not overly criticize

The moment you get into the criticizing mode you are letting the person know that you are better than them. Everyone is better at something that you might not be able to do. Constructive criticism is okay and especially when asked for.

Good leaders are immediately able to gauge the opposite person’s strengths and areas of concern and let them know of it in subtle ways. Once you are able to achieve this you will be able to attract friends like bees to a pot of honey.

Tip #3 – Listen, Really Listen

Listen to what others have to tell you: This skill is the stepping stone to success. You are not only hearing them which is physical but listening which is comprehending and responding appropriately. Do not decide to disagree with everything that the person is telling you.

Listening also includes remembering what has been told to you. You might probably not the entire thing but certainly the gist of it. Try and use the person’s name while addressing them. This will ensure their attention and help to build up rapport. Try out techniques to remember people’s names or else it will convey that you are just not bothered.

Tip #4 – Feedback by Asking

When you ask it immediately conveys that you are assimilating and absorbing the information. It also enables a conversation to move ahead. Questions convey that you care for the person and the conversation enough to be involved in it.

Tip #5 – Say Sorry

Lastly, admit if you are wrong: There will be times when you are wrong. It is good to accept that gracefully and move on. Friends acknowledge when you are gracious enough to admit that you cannot be right all the time. This will make you appear assertive but not aggressive. Friendship is a balancing act of many things and respect and communication are an important part of it.