Women: What You Wear Speaks Volumes


The famous nursery rhyme written by Robert Southey, little girls are made of “sugar and spice and everything nice.” Apparently the poem compares little girls with something which is sugary like a chocolate. Let us find out more about this comparison. Some may find this post a tad too conservative for our ultra-open and liberal youth culture, but I would much rather err on the side of being overly-conservative and to attempt to impart the right values behind dressing than to go with the general flow of things we see on the streets.

Imagine a candy bar that has been lying unwrapped. We would never buy one in such state. We would not even want the wrapper to be loose and if it does we will reject the candy bar because of that tear or loose wrapper. The reason is if it is torn, the candy bar has been touched by hands which were curious to find out what is inside. Someone may even have been dirty enough to taste it. Needless to say that many people may have picked it up and thus all that dirt may have passed on to the unwrapped candy bar. Unless some is desperate and does not really care whether the candy bar was dirty or the wrapper had comes off or not it is destined to be wasted.

Conversely, when we have a favorite candy bar in our possession, we store it away gently and do not open the same until and unless we are desperate to do so. When ever we feel lie opening the wrapper the mere thought of what’s inside satisfies our hunger.

A Woman’s Dress is the Candy Wrapper

The wrapper of a candy tells a lot about the candy and the manufacturer who made it. It also gives information about the brand name and the ingredients that we used to make the candy. Similarly a woman’s dress tells a lot about the self value that the woman puts on herself and speaks a lot about the character of the woman. May be not all the times an apparent impression is correct, but mostly though, one can tell a lot about the way a woman dresses.

A dress that deliberately draws attention to the women’s breasts, upper thighs and butt is obvious a scream of attention. These parts of a woman’s body are generally associated with sexual intimacy and to be revealed only in the most intimate of encounters with another party. These are parts of her body which should not be over-exposed and the attempt from her to reveal these parts is understood as cheap advertisement for petty window shoppers who like to watch and will simply ward off men who are attracted to personality and character and not cheap advertisement.

Though there are no dearth of men who love to watch and most would, but the ones who are gentlemen and understand the real beauty which is never skin deep, and stay away from this exhibitionism and certainly refrain getting attracted for the clothes. They understand that beauty is never actually worn when leaving home; it is more of an inherent quality that is inborn. Most gentlemen would be attracted to a smile that is more about affection, love and care and not a ravishing grin that though appear quite inviting but is actually more of a casual sojourn than a commitment for long. He would admire a supportive tone, a word of encouragement, and a confident posture more than anything else. He would come to love her for her intelligence and powerful common sense. The spark begins in the mind and then ignites the bodily attraction. It is love more than anything else that brings a man and a woman together. Seldom does love blossom in a casual attraction that sparks from bodily attraction more than intelligence.

When some one dresses it is for a particular purpose. What some one chooses to wear says a lot about her mental condition. When some one decides to wear a dress which is revealing is it not that she consciously does not mind being glanced upon by anybody and everybody? Does it not show the value that one puts on herself and thus does not care whether she is approached by a passerby or a person of dignity and quality?

Right Tone and the Right Dress is the Key

A sense of what we wear and where we wear it is imperative. There is a place and time for wearing a bikini. The same can be said about a thong or a shoulder less dress, but there is a place for that. A party where the evening dress is a shoulder less elegance is seen as appropriate and is actually treated as a graceful. However wear that to a service and you would be looked down upon as lacking taste, respect and grace. If you wear a tank top at the garden while weeding no one will notice, but that is not the right attire when you are going to the school. Have some sense of decency when you decide to wear something in public and especially a bit of respect for the company that you are going to be with.

Most sportswear and beachwear like bikini would come with an extra clothing to cover yourself up when you are not actively engaged in either playing or swimming. Let your good conscience and better judgment work as a guiding light in your decisions to buy a dress that is appropriate. If you are unable to decide on your own what to buy or what should be appropriate to wear on an occasion, ask a friend and take her opinion. She might be able to guide you the right way.

The Effects on a Man

A positive argument has been placed forward that men should not try to concentrate too much on what the woman wears and try to concentrate more on her. But is that possible? Thoughts are stimulated by the eyes by what it sees and these thoughts stimulate response. When you meet a man in the middle of the road and if he greets you, it is quite normal for him to look at you. If what he sees are a pair of breasts trying to jump out of the dress because of the outrageously low neckline, a see through skirt that reveals more than it covers and leaves almost nothing to imagination, and short tights that completely gives away the subtleness of your feminine form to him, then would you expect him not to look at you again?

The response from a healthy male is a forgone conclusion. He will look again and as it is expected he will be sexually aroused which will obviously lead to an unpleasant situation that he will be forced to deal with. This could have been but easily dodged had you got the common sense to not wear something like this in public and thereby showing absolutely no regard to the respect of others and to self dignity.

Unfortunately in our culture many young women are never reminded about the uncomfortable situation that their male friends or colleagues are put into when they dress up like that and show up for work or a meeting. Fortunately older woman can educate our young about the appropriateness of dressing up not only for a meeting but for all public life. Men will respect you for that and even defend you when the need arises to.

A Few Words of Wisdom From a Champion

I read this book recently More Than A Hero: Muhammad Ali’s Life Lessons Through His Daughter’s Eyes, where the father makes a wonderful comparison of women with the precious gems and pearls of the world. He explains to his daughter the reason why gold, diamonds, pearls are all found either deep within the bosom of the earth or deep down below the ocean safely tucked in a shell. It is because they are precious and nature wants them to be uncovered only after a lot of hard work. Similarly a woman’s body is precious too; in fact more precious than the diamonds and the pearls. It should be covered and protected too. Muhammad Ali was the greatest sportsperson the world has ever seen. He was not only a champion on the ring but also a great human being off it and as quoted here is a great father. Nothing compares to his explanation. We should respect his words and follow them.