Trailing like Hippies, Chilling like Millionaires in Bali

White beaches dotting the coastline of Bali

Who can say their flight got struck by lightning, and yet manage to survive through it? I can. On the Lion Air flight towards Denpasar, Bali, I took a quick glance out the window to my right to check if the wings were okay. There was a loud thud and a sudden drop on the flight when everyone gasped, panicking. The only consolation I had in my mind was, “Bali better be good if I had to go through this now.”

Stepping out of the airport after a rather smooth landing, we were greeted by a board that had our names written on it. “Welcome Ms Rasyida & Mr. Michael Ferrari,” it said. I looked to my right and saw my friend beaming.

  “So much for backpacking,” I quipped at Michael. With millions in our pockets (of Rupiahs, of course), we were taken to our resort, treated like royalties.

 Paradise for beach lovers 

White beaches dotting the coastline of Bali

As commercialized as Bali is, the island still boasts some of the greatest beach spots in this region, with beaches like Legian, Kuta and Jimbaran being popular among tourists. Lazing around on Kuta beach with a good book in hand is a good way to get yourselves warmed up for more action-packed activities later. The beaches are also lined with restaurants, cafes and bistros, so it is pretty convenient to grab some kebabs should anyone feel hungry after being out in the sun.

 Surfing the waves

Riding on the waves of Bali (iStock photo)

And what is there to the beach if not for the great line up of sea sports they offer. Michael challenged me to surfing on the second day. (No, not the Internet, but REAL boards.) Known as a surfing paradise, many Australians fancy Bali for its waves. Some of the local instructors told me that the waves could go right up to more than 12 feet tall during high tide seasons.

 I was nervously waiting for an instructor to guide me through my virgin surfing experience while my Australian friend was ready to hit the waves. It costs about S$80 to get an instructor to surf with you for 2.5 hours for a pair of friends, but once you master the waves you know it was money well spent.

 Adrenaline punching deals

View of the sea from hotel room

For the adrenaline junkies who might want to try on some other sports, Bali also offers a great deal for white water rafting. There are plenty of day trips offered to the island’s water rafting spot at the island’s exhilarating Ayung River. Packages are offered at about S$50+ per person. Anyone who’s got the guts to push themselves off the limit should definitely try this while in Bali. It’s not everyday you get to raft through rapids and rivers.

 Pampering yourself

 Getting yourself pampered is the best way to spend your time after spending a couple of days doing physically strenuous activities. You can expect full body massages for about Rp80 000, equivalent to less than S$12 per person, but couples may enjoy a package deal of Rp100 000 together for a full body massage. After a rejuvenating massage, we hopped into another beauty parlour for a hair cream bath that costs us each Rp40 000.

 Getting dreadlocks on my hair had always been on my life list, but falling short of getting the kind that I desired, I popped into a hairdresser and requested for a braid to be done. A Rp70,000 later for one strand of braid in my hair, I was good to go, strutting down the streets feeling like a queen.

 Bali Nightlife

 The young-at-heart may also check out some of Bali’s greatest nightspots. Legian is where the life is, so if you want to catch some night action with your friends, it is the place to be. Club Bounty is definitely worth a try, with DJs spinning some progressive house tunes and a little R&B hit. The place is often filled with travellers from all over, but you will most likely bump into another Australian at the place.

 If you are not into the clubbing scene, another place to check out is Maccaroni, a bar in Legian that offers great deals. It has a very nice, tranquil vibe to it. So if you are in for a relaxed night out with your friends, and enjoying some great reggae sounds on a Friday night, Maccaroni is worth a try.

Writer takes a ride on the bike, a different way to explore Bali.

Four days is a perfect amount of time to spend in Bali, if you are looking to enjoy the island’s beach destinations. As we were packing our bags, ready to check out, we looked out of our balcony one last time, enjoying the fantastic view of Bali right up ahead. I looked to my friend, smiling as he said, “I hope we won’t get struck by lightning again this time.” We both laughed.

Text/Photos: Rasyida Samsudin




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