Top 5 Irritating Passengers on the MRT


Commuting on the MRT is part of most Singaporeans’ daily lives, but let’s admit it, despite our first-class rail system, the experience is not always pleasant. We’ve seen them around, and even have up-close-and-personal encounters with them. People who make an already tiresome commute even worse. We uncover the top 5 pet peeves against other passengers on the train.

The kiasu Singaporean

They are surely one of the most common-types, and we have at least been pushed by one of them at least once. These are the panicky sort who can’t seem to wait to board the train without giving the chance to other passengers to alight first. They come in different shapes and sizes, but typically the more fit aunties who are eager to get the seats when they spot a vacant spot even before the door opens. May get violent at times.

The self-proclaimed DJ

These are the kind that probably thinks that they’ve got the coolest hits in town. They are so proud of what’s playing on their mp3 that they wish to share it with the whole carriage. Sharing is caring, but not in the MRT. We get it, you love your music. But keep it to yourself, use a headphone. We do not need to know what is playing on your player. Not everyone appreciates your Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” remix. And don’t even get me started on those who have the stupid ‘Repeat’ function on an already irritating song.

Eye-Spy With my Lil’ Eye

The problem with being in a packed train is having our personal space invaded by other people who are not welcomed into that space. Sometimes we may encounter people looking over our shoulders trying to see what we are reading or even playing on our phones. These are the sort who do not know how to keep their eyes to themselves. I know the train is packed, but can you mind your own business and let me enjoy my Bejeweled game alone?

Gossip Girl: Now in Singapore version. Not on subways, but on MRTs.

The MRT version of Gossip Girl not as glamorous as the one on Upper East Side. This is the kind who talks SO LOUDLY the whole world knows what happened to him/her last night. So they had a rough day, so they fought with their spouse, so they had pasta for lunch yesterday. But I admit, at some point I am guilty of it too as with many of you reading this. Oops.

The Sticky and the Slimy

The ultimate most annoying kind of MRT passenger we may encounter, and you will agree with me on this one, is the man who forgets to hit the shower in the morning. Come on! The train is squeezy enough, we don’t need to rub shoulders with someone who’s soaking in his sweat from the day before. That’s disgusting. Very annoying especially when they enter the train at peak hour and you are forced to take a whiff of their very “pleasant” body odour. YUCK!

The next time you board the train, keep a look out for these very dangerous kinds of MRT commuters. Nonetheless, at the end of it all, there are experiences on our trains that can entertain us as well (remember popular video on Youtube of bhangra dancer on the MRT?) So what are your other pet peeves of other passengers on the MRT?

By Rasyida Samsudin.




  1. You need to add this one to your top 5:
    Keep clear of the person who carelessly carrys a large hand-held bag. One may get scrubbed, flapped on, scratched by, slapped and probably crushed by the bag. Perhaps a masochist may take to it!

  2. How about the lack of courtesy to the elderly, handicapped and pregnant women? I am 8 months pregnant now and so far, only 1 or 2 people have given up their seat on the MRT to me. Most of those who refuse to give up their seats (or maybe they are selectively blind) are fit, young people in their 20s and 30s who have no reason whatsoever to hog the seat, other than the fact that they lack civilization. Unfortunately, most of the courteous ones are the older folks who should take that seat in the first place.

    Finally,the comments I’ve read on this website seems to confirm that the “me-first” attitude is very much alive in Singapore.

  3. And also sometimes I see couple who make out in the train, children might be affected by the way they are making out and think it’s normal to happen in public transportation. Come on..

  4. Gabriel – come on. Kids these days are far more sexually educated than you might probably be. Live with the ages man – instead of trying to condemn people, accept it and educate the kids on the right kind of values. Over are the times of closing one’s eyes when children see people kissing. Let’s educate them to what a kiss means and who should we give a kiss to.

    Anyway, excellent article. I’d hate to point out the foreign workers who are probably used to not showering but their Body Odour can be rather revolting at times and given the fact that the air circulates ever so efficiently (or sometimes not), fighting for oxygen would no longer be the issue sometimes.

    Anyway, I guess the first type would be a distinct (and shameful) trademark of Singaporeans. And definitely those who aren’t courteous. What’s wrong with Singaporeans???

  5. The kiasu Singaporean:

    The self-proclaimed DJ:

    Eye-Spy With my Lil’ Eye:
    disagree. so you expect everyone to close their eyes in MRT? Do they harm you? why don’t YOU find a solution? (e.g. play at home, use privacy filter, etc.)

    Gossip Girl: Now in Singapore version. Not on subways, but on MRTs.:

    The Sticky and the Slimy:
    disagree. you think everyone have enough money? appreciate those who doesn’t.

  6. Singsporeans are no angels but there are quite a number of non Singaporean that are just as guilty

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