Top 10 Over-Looked European Cities


Everyone knows about London, Paris, Barcelona, and Rome as the best cities you can visit in Europe. However, there are still a lot of beautiful cities in this continent and they don’t seem to get enough attention. Whether the capital cities in the countries outshine their beauties or there isn’t enough promotion from the official city tourism, the cities I have on my list are somewhat overlooked by many vacationers. If you wish to explore more of the untold cities of Europe, then this article would just suit you right because I will talk about the top ten must-see underrated European cities.

Siena, Italy

It is no doubt that Italy is one fascinating country. When it’s about Italy, everyone would definitely want to visit Rome, Florence, or Venice to have the experience of a lifetime. There are a lot of beautiful vacation spots that are so popular in this country. But even the seasoned travelers could fail to notice Siena, Italy’s capital for the Middle Ages. Considered as the Jewel Under the Tuscan Sun, this spectacular city emerged as one of Europe’s major cities. Now, places like the Duomo, Piazza del Campo, Palazzo Sansedoni, and Palazzo Publico would remind us of the vast history of this city. The traditional horse race called the Palio, is one of the city’s famous attractions held two times during summer. If you want to go to Siena, you need to plan your vacation to be just in time for the Palio race; you will surely enjoy everything about Siena – the city under the sun, the seines, the Palio, and all the great Tuscan wines.

Lyon, France

Lyon is a city that is known worldwide. It is considered as the second largest city in France, only second in Paris, with its many satellite towns and suburbs. But, Paris did not only steal the crown for the largest city but also for the most popular. A lot of tourists in France are after Paris. Lyon is a wonderful city with magnificent architectures, buildings, monuments, gardens, and a lot of museums and opera houses, perfect for the night life. Not a lot of people come to know as well, that Lyon is Europe’s gastronomical capital city. There are a great number of top rated restaurants and celebrated chefs in this city. Truly, Lyon is a great paradise to find French cuisine.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Prague is Eastern Europe’s lovable city and truly the city deserves such title. But what about Bratislava? Sadly, Bratislava had to hide away from the great shadow of the lovely city of Prague. But that’s just too bad since Bratislava is gorgeous, old city that has its own share of great history, magnificent castles and churches, as well as lovely streets and squares. Going back to as far as 200BC, Bratislava was shaped under various influences coming from the Celtics all through the Romans, to the Germans and Hungarians. Under the influence of Roman culture for six centuries, the city holds a lot of architectural designs from the said culture with the most striking one, the Bratislava castle. The castle, which is built above the famous River Danube, is now home to the Slovak National Museum, and from which you can get a good view of the whole city as well as the river. The city, particularly the Old Town, have been renovated to become a stunning place where you can enjoy accommodations, various dining places as well as nightlife spots. Prepare to fall in love with the city or maybe you could even extend your stay.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Nobody would definitely say that Copenhagen is an unpopular city. But still, the city should be given more attention. Why not, this city is very beautiful with all the gorgeous canals, copper spires, cobbled squares, quaint old homes, cozy sidewalk cafes, tempting pastry shops, and blooming gardens. The most popular attraction this city has is the Tiyoli Gardens, which is an amusement park at the same time a gorgeous garden located at the heart of the city. Tiyoli Gardens is famous for the beautiful flowers in the garden and not only that, but it is also home of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the world, as well as the tallest carousel in the world. Then there’s beer – another reason why you should visit Copenhagen. Now, Copenhagen is a famous beer-drinking destination in Europe. You can find several high-class beer bars, beer shops and brewpubs. In this city, it would be easy for you to find beers from Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Utrecht, Holland

Utrecht is one of Netherlands ‘oldest cities. It was founded as a Roman garrison in AD 47. Utrecht has a lot of canals since it stands on the tributary of the Rhine, and the oldest canal is the Ourdergracht. When you walk along Oudergracht, you will have a fascinating view of the old city. However, if you desire a romantic escapade along Utrecht city, you should take the horse-drawn carriage. The fabulous Gelderland horses will escort you through the outer canals, narrow alleyways, parks, inner canals, and will also take you to see several of Utrecht’s beautiful buildings. The skyline in the city reveals a number of spires – the city is filled with beautiful churches, castles, convents, and monasteries that are as old as 11 centuries. So if you would like a trip to the windmill and cheese country, don’t just settle for Amsterdam; explore Netherlands especially the beautiful Utrecht.

Brussels, Belgium

Tourists flocking between Amsterdam and Paris via train would usually overlook Brussels, but for those who stop by to see this beautiful Belgian city, together with the rich culture and outstanding food, they would truly be surprised. This city is the European Union’s capital and is characterized as multicultural, home to various ethnic restaurants, not to mention the specialties in Brussels which include, Belgian fries, chocolate, mussels, waffles as well as yeasty beers made locally. You can visit the Grand Place and go after the relaxation you’ve dreamed about and this can be found at the heart of this old town. You can revel in the Belgian cuisine and see different people from around the world. You can also stroll down the old town, since this city is perfect for walking tours. If you want to get a stop, do it at the museums in Brussels. Brussels is perfect for all occasion; you can choose to stay for brief period of time, as short as few hours, and get to enjoy the entire place.

Bruges, Belgium

A lot of people may have not been familiar with Bruges, a Belgian city, until recently when famous actor Colin Farrell shot a movie in this city entitled, In Burges. As a matter of fact, it is one of Belgium’s most beautiful cities where you can still see well-preserved architecture from the medieval period. Enjoy a bike ride along the canals, and have a snack with mussels coupled with the best Belgian beer in the world. If you want a romantic getaway with your partner, choose Bruges as it is also a romantic city. Whatever it is that you want to do during your vacation to Burges, you’d feel like a real foreigner to this country and you wouldn’t even mind being one because of the flock of tourists visiting this area.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital and the second largest city in the country but still many could overlook this beautiful city. This city is a melting pot of elegant streets, gorgeous landscapes, cobbled alleys, as well as incomparable sunset scenes. The buildings of this colorful city range from historic house to elegant Georgian terraces, which provide the perfect complement to its natural settings of crags and hills. Edinburgh is famous for the New Year celebrations called Hogmanay, but at any time of the year, this place is perfect for your vacation. If you visit this city, don’t miss out on the outskirts where you can spot the Scottish coastal villages and lowlands.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is Republic of Estonia’s capital which could be unknown to many people. It is a rather unique city that is different from all other cities found in Europe. Tallinn is a well-preserved medieval town located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. You can see cobbled streets, medieval castles, red-tile roofed homes, old merchant houses, and church spires as well. This city has maintained its unique despite of the various cultural and commercial influences Europe had for the past 15 years. Tallin is the best place you can get if what you are looking for is an untouched, yet civilized and stylish place.

Lviv, Ukraine

The entire country of Ukraine should be the most underrated European destination that existed. Though a lot of travelers and brave entrepreneurs want to visit Kiev and Crimea, Lviv does not get much of the attention. Considered as the architectural jewel of the Western Ukraine, Lviv is definitely different from other cities in Ukraine. It is suitable for relaxation and walking tours with all the exquisite churches, quaint old towns, cathedrals, and cozy cafes and coffee shops in view. This is something that you can’t really do in most towns in Ukraine. When you spend some time in Lviv, you would disregard the shortcomings of the country such as bad roads and heavy traffic. Apart from that, you also need to remember that you don’t need to bring a lot of money just to enjoy the country which makes Ukraine a great budget destination around the continent of Europe.




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