Essential Safety and Security Tips for Travelling


When you are about to embark on an exciting travel journey, it is important to ensure that you are safe and secure. It is of essence that your personal belongings and contents remain protected. In the event of your valuables or money getting stolen, your travel becomes a miserable experience. Hence, if you want to ensure that your travel remains safe, go through Realbuzz’s simple tips which will ensure that your travel remains an enjoyable one.

Be Simple

First and foremost, remain simple. Do not flaunt your wealth or riches. Behave confidently, but do not try and behave differently. Be one with the crowd. When walking on unknown pavements or roads, make sure to walk where there are no blind corners. These are areas where there is a higher risk of thieves and burglars attacking tourists. As long as you do not put yourself in a position where you can be surprised, you can surely remain safe and secure.

Are Your Pockets Too Heavy?

Refrain from carrying too much of cash and expensive valuables like jewelry. Make sure to divide the money or cash in your pockets. Keep it in safe pockets which have a zip. You may want to zip your waist bag or money belt for extra safety. Nowadays, money belts and waist bags too are not safer options as thieves may easily use a knife for cutting the bag. Expert thieves will be able to know for sure that you have valuables in your waist bag or money belt and it is not a very smart option, though. However, worse comes to worse, if thieves attack you for your valuables or jewelery, it is advised that you give it to them without making a big show, as your life is definitely more precious than these valuables.

Determine What to Leave Behind

It is not advisable to take all your money or valuables along with you. Leave it in your hotel room safely. It is important to use the right judgment when leaving your valuables and expensive items. If you are not very confident about leaving behind your cash and expensive items, you may want to just lure the thief by leaving some money at an obvious place. This is just to play a fool, so that your real expensive valuables and important documentation remain safe and secure. Refrain from placing money or cash underneath your bedding or mattress, as the hotel staff may mistake it for tips. So, this may not be a very smart idea.


For additional safety, you may want to purchase a doorstop. This will definitely give you peace of mind and you need not have to bother about thieves or robbers breaking into your room. Check out for doorstops which are small and light weight, as the thief or robber will find it difficult to enter your room. You can thus remain vigilant.

Local Currency & Small notes

When travelling, it is always advised that you have local currency and enough change. Very small villages or small towns may not have higher denomination currency. When you carry currencies of higher denomination, the shopkeeper or vendor will automatically categorize you as a rich tourist and may try to fleece you.

This will also draw extra attention to you. Hence, remain vigilant and cautious. When you have to pay your taxi driver or tourist van, make sure to pay the right amount of change, instead of paying a currency note of higher denomination. It may so happen that the driver may just drive away the car, without paying you the remaining change. Thus, it is in your interest to carry enough change of lower denominations, for avoiding any such situation.

Important Info at Hand

Always keep a diary and jot down details and information related to your insurance document. Keep emergency phone numbers handy in your rucksack or travelling bag. You may want to keep a copy of the same with your family or parents who are back home, or else give it to a trusted friend. This may come in really handy, during an emergency situation. If possible, try and memorize it. Also try and maintain contact throughout the journey with your near and dear ones.

Remaining safe when travelling

Your safety and security remains your topmost priority when travelling. It is important to safeguard your cash and valuables and by adhering to Realbuzz’s tips, you can rest assured that you will remain well protected. Irrespective of the situation, you will be able to manage such emergency situations and also enjoy your travel.