10 Things You Learn About Yourself When Travelling Alone


When you travel alone, you might be able to find answers to some of the questions that have been bothering you for some time.
Why is that so? Well, it is always said that an individual needs to spend time in isolation so that he or she can deal with the various emotions that keep haunting him. When you are working or studying, you do not get the time to reflect upon your life and go about your tasks in a monotonous manner. However when you are all alone and with nothing to worry about, that is when you will discover yourself and questions about who you are and why you are as well as where you are start cropping up.

So how do you find out the answers to these questions?

The only way is to take leave from work or from school, get on to a bus or train and take off on a journey. This will enable you to be alone and enable you to look at certain aspects of life as well as your personality without any pressure of time or duty.
You will learn the following:

1. Responsibility

You will discover what it is to be on your own and assume responsibility for every action you take. The fact that you chose to undertake this journey on your own means that you have taken responsibility for yourself. Once you do that, you will notice things beginning to change in your life. You will start owning up and taking responsibility for everything happening in your life and not blame circumstances or other people. Every word, deed and thought you will realize is due to your own making and that is when you will acknowledge that you have the capacity and power to bring about the required changes in your life all by yourself. You will rise to become the artist of your own life. As Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller put it, ‘there is no point in becoming a chisel when you can become the artist himself’.

2. Self-reliance

Once you have accepted responsibility, you can look forward to increased self confidence and self reliance. You would feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction. It is a feeling you get of some enlightenment having left behind some of your choicest worldly possessions.

3. Independence

You now start feeling the independence and freedom of being on your own away from all cares. You now suddenly realize that you do not need anything else to make you happy since you have your own self and you do not have to look for external stimuli to provide you happiness.

This solitude you are experiencing and the decisions you have to make of what train to catch, where to eat and how to make your sleeping arrangements are all challenges you will relish. You would love to take the decisions regarding these issues all by yourself.
Just imagine. You are your own boss. You can sleep when you want to, even if it is mid morning, take long walks at midnight or just read and relax on a bench. There is nobody who is going to be watching over you or tell you anything.

4. Likes & Dislikes

When you travel alone, you come out of self imposed etiquette and role playing endeavors just to suit society. You would be able to discover your true emotions, likes, dislikes and would be able to experience spirituality in the real sense of the term since you are not play acting. You will reinvent yourself as you find out your true calling. After all, you do not have to measure up to somebody else’s expectations and pander to that. You also do not have to keep any appointments, attend meetings or deal with any projects or exams. You are with yourself and that is when you can come to terms with your real likes and dislikes. You should now take the opportunity to discard your dislikes and retain what you like.

5. Emotions

There would be some emotions you will experience when you are alone. These are the pure ones and devoid of any influence of external sources. They are basically signals telling you what you need to do, where you should be and how to enjoy life while retaining good health – both physically and mentally.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson has so eloquently mentioned, “None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.”

Your attempt must be to listen carefully to the inner messages and the various emotions you experience are all hints in that direction.

6. Patterns & Reactions

It is necessary to skip routine occasionally and see the present as it is rather than get caught in the past or worry about the future. We must realize that the present is all that matters and if we miss that, we have lost it for good. That then becomes the past and there is no point brooding about it.

When we concentrate on the past or worry about the future, we miss out on the present. When we become aware of the tremendous potential of tuning our minds on the present, we can treat each new day differently and with greater confidence. Every day will then be a fresh one for us and there will be no excess baggage that we always seem to carry with us.

7. Dealing with the Past

It is also very much necessary to not continue to hold grudges against anybody. As you relax by the beach taking in the beauty of the sea and notice a woman who reminds you of an ex flame who ditched you, that moment of delving into the past should permit you to get into the process of self healing. You should shrug off the bad experience and look forward with hope to the future for a relationship that is a mature and unconditional one.

It is only when you spend time alone that you can get into the past analyzation mode and discard old emotional baggage that is of no value to you.

8. Future Dreams

Realize with confidence that the future is something that is boundless and you are free to dream of the best for yourself. You can put down your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations in writing or draw sketches. There is no restriction and as you are alone and thoughtful, it is the time for you to attract all the good things you want into your life by asking for it, believing it will happen and visualizing that you have already received it for which you are expressing gratitude. That is the only way in which you can make the Law of Attraction work.

9. Care for Oneself

None of the above eight steps are cast in stone. They are mere suggestions and form important steps to climb towards your evolutionary process. They can be followed by anybody at any time. It is just that when you are undertaking a journey all by yourself, it is easy to follow them. Travelling alone opens up your mind to self care and it is only when you can take care of yourself well enough that you can then think in terms of advancement in your life. Once you establish peace in your home, you can then go about establishing peace in the world.

10. How to Love

The climax to this process of self discovery is the feeling of immense love and soft emotions that you experience. Once you experience this, your thoughts, words as well as actions would reflect that experience.

This process of self discovery through a solo journey enables you to unearth facets of your personality that you may not have known existed. Joseph Campbell is indeed right when he says, ‘“You are that mystery which you are seeking to know.”
Hence take that solo travel journey and discover your true self. You will emerge a stronger and better personality at the end of this exercise and will be glad you took that journey.