Top 5 Supper Places in Singapore


Feeling hungry after some late-night work in the office? Energy levels low after a long night of partying? Or do you just want to hang out with your friends after some studying at night and grab a quick bite at the same time? Whatever the reason for supper, there will always be places in Singapore that you would not say no to!

If you have a craving for Indian food…

Then Niqqi’s the Cheese Prata Shop would be a must-go! Located at 18 Clementi Road in the vicinity of the National University of Singapore campus, this 24-hour halal food joint is a favourite supper haunt among many, especially among many NUS students who stay on campus or in the estates nearby. Food choices here include prata, roti john, rice, noodles, teh-halia (ginger tea), and also other beverages like milkshakes and bubble tea as well, and a hearty meal will cost only about $4 on average. The shop’s famous cheese prata is well-known for its generous cheese serving, while its egg-onion prata has made a name for itself for its plump, chewy and juicy filling. As such, one does wonder if this prata shop is actually the reason why NUS students choose to stay in school to do work till late at night…

If Chinese food is your cup of tea…

Then you would definitely love having supper at the Xin Wang Hong Kong Café! Situated right outside Heartland Mall, opposite the Kovan MRT station, this café is open 24 hours a day as well. A wide variety of Asian cuisine in food-court style is served here, ranging from rice and noodle dishes to eye-popping and palatable desserts, as well as drinks like iced teh-gao and their signature Hong Kong milk tea. Eating here will cost on average about $6, depending on what one orders. One may like to know that food here is served piping hot, even during the wee hours of the morning. Listeners of Chinese pop music will appreciate the Mandopop and Cantopop hits played in the café, and enjoy soaking in the ambience. Students studying or doing projects late into the night would be attracted to the strong Wireless@SG signal in this café – it makes the place a nice alternative to the usual McDonald’s. However, it does get cold after a while, so one should remember to bring out a jacket if intending to stay there for long, or to put it in the lingo used nowadays, to “camp” there.

If Malay food is what you want…

Then Chong Pang Nasi Lemak is the supper place for you! This coffee-shop, open from 5pm to 7am daily, is located at 447 Sembawang Road. “Must-tries” at this shop include its specialty nasi lemak, fresh chicken wings, crispy ikan bilis, otah, and teh cino. The food is value-for-money, as the standard coffee-shop prices can give you a very filling meal at around $3 on average. The dishes are served warm and fresh, and the portions are not stingy, which are ultimately some of the most important considerations when one has hunger pangs late in the night.

If European cuisine is what you favour…

Then the Alegro Spanish street food stall in 3D River Valley Road will be supper heaven for you! Situated at #01-13 in the heart of Clarke Quay, this food stall specialises in serving authentic Spanish street food such as churros, filled baguettes, and empanadas. With its opening hours of 12pm to 2am from Sundays to Tuesdays, 12pm to 4am from Wednesdays to Thursdays, and 12pm to 5am from Fridays to Saturdays, this food stall is a favourite among many party-goers in the River Valley and Clarke Quay area who do not mind paying an average of $15 to savour some Spanish delights. Alegro’s churros are delicious star-shaped dough sticks sprinkled with sugar and dipped in chocolate, while its Serrano baguettes are toasted baguettes filled with imported Spanish Serrano ham. The stall’s empanadas are half moon-shaped pastry pies with chicken or tuna or vegetable filling. Another big selling point of this food stall is the option to make a cocktail of your choice on the spot and have it named after you!

If your sweet tooth is giving you no rest…

Then head down to the 2am Dessert Bar in Holland Village! Tucked away in a corner at 21A Lorong Liput, this dessert bar is open on Mondays to Saturdays, from 6pm to 2am. The ambience is chic, cool and comfortable, and the interior is well-designed; just be careful of the winding steps of the bar’s staircase. At about $15 per person, some may initially feel that eating here is a little costly, but for the “to-die-for” desserts that are served as well as the excellent service, you will quickly come to realize that the price to pay for such a wonderful dining experience with a twist is actually very worth it. If you are lucky to be served by a particular Spanish waiter by the name of Roberto, you will even be able to get your coffee custom-made! There is a huge spectrum of many different kinds of desserts, including chocolate, tiramisu, puddings, sorbets and milkshakes. The strawberries used in the desserts are delectably sweet, and do not taste like the ordinary kind bought off the shelves of supermarkets. With all the sweet and sinful sensations available for one’s tastebuds, this dessert bar will definitely be a good place to visit for Hens’ Night with one’s girlfriends!

With these top 5 supper places, one will never go hungry at night again!

Writer: Wong Yan Lei Grace



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  1. For malay food, i recommend the Briyani at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station !!
    And, they sell curry puff at 50 cents each.. Not the small size curry puff, but normal big size..

    The curry puffs are more of Malaysia flavour, and it taste better than Singapore’s..

    You can find more information about Tanjong Pagar Railway Station over here:

  2. For Nasi Lemak, I still prefer Pungol Nasi Lemak. The taste is no big deal but the freshness: no other places can beat it.

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