The Art of Applying Lipstick


If you have beautiful lips and you have received good comments, then you are one of those fortunate ones. It is important that you pay attention to them and care for them. There are a number of ways of applying lipstick in the right fashion. Check out these sixteen tips which will accentuate and make your lips look more attractive.

  1. Tone Down Eye Makeup. First and foremost, it is important that you tone down your eye makeup if you want to go in for a darker shade of lipstick. Women who love to apply darker eyeliner, mascara and a darker eye shadow should stick to lighter shades. If you want your lips to look attractive, then play down your eye make-up or else stick only to lighter colors and only a natural gloss.
  2. Plump lips. If you have plumper lips, then you need to wear a natural lip liner outside the lips. You may then wear some gloss on the bottom lip, beginning from the middle.
  3. Right way of applying. If you want to ensure that your make up is perfect, then you need to know the right way of applying your lipstick. There are specific rules for applying your lipstick especially. There are brushes for applying lipstick which some of you may want to use. Some women also may want to use their middle finger for applying lipstick. If you are an expert at it, you may want to do it right from the lipstick tube. The moral is that use something which looks good on your lips. If you are confident about you, just go for it.
  4. Lip Liner. You may choose a lip liner as a base on your lips. If you want your lipstick to last longer, you need to first outline your lips with the lip liner. A nude liner is the best way to line your lips if you are going to apply a lighter shade of lipstick. Once you are through with the liner, you may then fill in your lips with your lipstick.
  5. Lip gloss. Lip gloss by itself is not being worn, as it wears off fast. But with the lip liner, it will surely stay on for quite some time.
  6. Lip Liner before lipstick. Some women prefer to use the liner before they apply the gloss or lipstick. You may interchange this, depending on your comfort and preference. The lips will stick look attractive and natural when you use the lip liner after applying lipstick. It is after all a matter of choice and how you feel after applying your makeup.
  7. Lip liner should not be darker. The most common mistake which many women make is the application of a darker lip liner for a lighter shade of lipstick. No doubt, your lips will look well defined, but make sure the lipstick color and lip liner complement each other. A light lipstick and dark lip liner will look cheap and not classy.
  8. Hygiene. Never apply the lipstick directly to your lips as it not very hygienic. The best way to test check the color is to apply it to the fingertips as your lips and fingertips will reflect the same color. Many of us try to apply to the back of our hand. One is not quite sure whether this is the right way to test it.
  9. Don’t waste. Beauty experts say that one should never give away or throw away lipsticks. You may use your creativity and blend colors to create a new lipstick color altogether. If you use a bright lipstick, you can use a darker lip liner.
  10. Before drinking from a glass. Prior to sipping something from the glass, you may way to lick your lips, as it works to reduce the amount of lipstick left behind the glass.
  11. Check your teeth. Make sure your lipstick is not stuck to your teeth. The best way to ensure that your teeth do not have lipstick on it is to use your index finger and roll it in your mouth. This is the best way to remove excess lipstick if any, as any excess will stick to your finger.
  12. As a blush-on. If you choose to, you may want to use your lipstick as a blush-on. But the opposite may not work, which means, you should not use a blush as a lipstick.
  13. Creamier lips with age. As we grow older, our lips become thinner. Hence, one should ensure to keep lips creamier. Avoid matte finish lipsticks and instead go in for creamy lipsticks and preferably go in for darker lipstick shades and colors.
  14. Match your lipstick with skin-tone. Depending on your skin tone and texture, you need to select your lipsticks. It should match your personality. Shades like brown and orange may not look good on everyone. Also, these color tones will reflect on your teeth, making them look yellow. A lipstick which suits your friend may not go well with your persona.
  15. Yellow teeth. Women who have yellow teeth should check out for lipsticks which have a bluish undertone. Lazarus who is a makeup artist of NYC and who also writes in the O magazine has suggested that lipstick shades of wines, violets, pinks and plums are ideal for yellowed teeth.
  16. Fixing a broken lipstick. If your lipstick is broken, never throw it. Light a match underneath the broken lipstick piece and when it melts slightly, just stick it back. Then refrigerate it uncovered for about half an hour. Your lipstick is totally healed and you are saved from the troubling of purchasing a new one.
  17. Cleaning up the remnants. Once your lipstick is about to finish, you will still notice something left in the tube. You may use cotton swap for scraping these bits. A lip gloss or Vaseline may be used for mixing the same and apply it using a lip brush.

On a very tight budget? Here is one last affordable tip. The remnants of the lipstick may be scooped out and then can be stored in a pill case. She then nukes the case and once the lipstick has melted, uses those seven days in line where she gets a different color for each day. A lip brush may be used for the same. This is ideal and affordable as well