How to watch Netflix in Singapore


Gone are the days where we are all bound to free-to-air TV or even cable TV subscriptions offered only from a few providers. With online TV streaming services gaining lots of popularity especially in the States, we in Singapore would also love to get in on the action!

The biggest online movie streaming service arguably now is Netflix, followed by Hulu probably. Unfortunately, all these services are only enabled for US residents and not open to the rest of the world. So how do we stream movies from Netflix here in Singapore? Honestly, it is not that difficult and just takes a little technical chops to accomplish.

The main strategy to bypass Netflix’s checks that you are a US resident is through VPN, or Virtual Private Networks. What VPN services do is to route your requests through a US computer to Netflix. When Netflix checks the origin of the traffic, it sees that it comes from somewhere within the United States and allows it through. Without VPN, your request will come direct from Singapore, and Netflix sees that the request is from outside of the US, and blocks it. So here are the simple step-by-step guide to setting up your computer to watch Netflix here in Singapore.

  1. Sign up for VPN service. There are thousands of VPN providers that you can easily search on the web. You might even be tempted to use some of those free VPN providers. However, it is advisable not to as security is one issue, and the other issue is that usually these free VPN services have very limited bandwidth given to you. This will result in very slow and choppy streaming of your movies. You can consider Hidemyass VPN, which is a relatively popular option. They usually offer good discounts if you sign-up for 6 or more months at only US$4.99 per month for the 12-mth plan. There is a 30-day money back guarantee too, which will allow you to try it first and if you are unhappy, ask for a refund.

    You can sign-up for Hidemyass VPN here.

  2. After you have signed up for a VPN service and activated your account, you will need to download and install the VPN client on your computer. You will need to have Microsoft NET framework installed on your computer if you don’t already have it. You can download NET Framework 4.5.1 here.
  3. Then you can download the software here:
    HMA! Pro VPN Client for Windows
    Mac OS X HMA Pro VPN client
  4. After you have installed the VPN client, you will need to set it up. Every VPN service provider will have slightly different interface for the setup, but its basically the same concept. You need to indicate that you would like to setup a connection between Singapore to USA. For HidemyAss configuration, you need to select ‘Republic of Singapore – Virtual USA (LOC1 S1)’ under the ‘Quick VPN location change’ options found on your dashboard page.
  5. Then click on ‘Connect to VPN’ from your client dashboard page and you should then be connected to your VPN!
  6. Now you can sign up for a free Netflix trial account. You can use your Singapore credit card or paypal account to pay. However, you must indicate a US address when asked for it. You can sign up for a Borderlinx account, an established and popular shipping concierge service available in Singapore for items in US and UK. When you sign-up for a Borderlinx account, you are given a US forwarding address. Use that address in your Netflix sign-up.
  7. Once you have successfully signed up for the free Netflix trial, follow their instructions to login and you can start watching!

Please let us know about your experience using Netflix and even HidemyAss VPN. But please note that there has been some recent reports that Netflix might be clamping down on accounts accessing their movies using VPN services. While it seems unlikely that Netflix will wage war against VPN services, but we thought that you should be aware of this possibility.