Should ‘Avatar’ Sweep the 2010 Oscars?


James Cameron’s record-smashing sci-fi is in a tight race against Kathryn Bigelow’s acclaimed war drama ‘The Hurt Locker’ as both lead the Oscar Nominations with 9 nods each. Both films are up for Best Picture and Director.

Will Cameron repeat his ‘Titanic’ feat of dominating the Oscars, or will ex-wife Bigelow catch-up with him, in turn being the first female in Oscar history to nab a directing award?

UP (Credit: Pixar)

Besides, the much talked-about 10 nominees for Best Picture seems like a fierce fight, with a good mix of fan-favourites (Up, The Blind Side) and critiques’ darlings (Precious, An Education).

Will-Win vs. Should-Win? Here are our bold predictions for Oscar night.

The Best Picture Nominations:

1) Avatar

2) Ingluorious Basterds

3) The Blind Side

4) Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire

5) District 9

6) A Serious Man

7) An Education

8 ) Up

9) The Hurt Locker

10) Up in the Air

Avatar(above) VS Hurt Locker

 Will-Win: Avatar

Should-Win: The Hurt Locker

The Oscars have a track record of favouring box-office successes. Remember last year’s rousing ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and Cameron’s other epic, ‘Titanic’? No matter how gritty and tense The Hurt Locker was, the Academy probably needs to hold their viewership, and that is to reward the audience-favourite.


1) Jeff Bridges for ‘A Crazy Heart’

2) George Clooney for ‘Up in the Air’

3) Colin Firth for ‘A Single Man’

4) Morgan Freeman for ‘Invictus’

5) Jeremy Renner for ‘The Hurt Locker’

Jeff Bridges(above) vs George Clooney

Will-Win: Jeff Bridges

Should-Win: Jeff Bridges

For his moving turn as a washed up country singer, Jeff Bridges deserves the award. Unless there is a repeat of last year’s upset: the much-touted Mickey Rourke as a washed-up wrestler lost the Oscar to Sean Penn. Dark horse George Clooney might rob Bridges’ chances this year.


1) Sandra Bullock for ‘The Blind Side’

2) Helen Mirren for ‘The Last Station’

3) Carey Mulligan for ‘An Education’

4) Gabourey Sidibe for ‘Precious’

5) Meryl Streep for ‘Julie & Julia’

Sandra Bullock(left) vs Meryl Streep

Will-Win: Sandra Bullock

Should-Win: Meryl Streep

This will be Streep’s formidable 16th Oscar nomination, but it seems her stars aren’t aligned again, as was her loss to Kate Winslet just last year. America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock is gaining deafening buzz for her serious turn in ‘The Blind Side’, and she just might walk home with the Oscar.

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards will be held on March 8, 2010. Click here for a full list of the nominations.

Writer: Wilson Ng

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  1. “the Academy probably needs to hold their viewership, and that is to reward the audience-favourite.”

    What heresy is this? To even imply that the sublime beauty of Avatar could be overshadowed by this “Locker of Hurt” borders on madness and blasphemy.

    Smite the unbeliever!


    you suck as writer and should have signed on with the SAF.

  2. I agree with the comment above. It is fine if you wish to praise Hurt Locker to the high heavens in a subtle manner, but you exercise very bad judgment when you relegate Avatar to mere “box-office successes”, thereby implying it’s a mediocre film relative to Hurt Locker, and that a certain tyranny of the majority is at work here. In that single paragraph, you’ve managed to downplay the Star Wars of the millenium, metaphorically slap the great James Cameron AND insult the professional ethics and integrity of the members that comprises the academy awards panel. Well done, Mr. Wilson Ng.

    Indeed, what heresy is this?

    AVATAR FTW!!!!1111!!!one

    P.S Yes, a lifestyle in which the biggest judgment you have to make is whether to eat at spec mess or canteen would be more suited.

    (hello wilson! lol)

  3. I agree with wilson completely. There are instances when the Academy favours box-office hits over good movies that didn’t do so well. The Hurt Locker is good, that I cannot deny, but Avatar’s box-office success will escalate its chances of winning Best Picture.

    Also, the battle of Sandra Bullock VS Meryl Streep is aptly put.

    Wilson, ignore hater comments and continue writing good reviews!


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