Men: Are You Using the Right Hairstyling Product?


It is interesting to note what makes a better or well dressed man and in this connection, it is not only the dress you wear but also the manner in which you style your hair that gives you the distinctive and well groomed look.

Some useful hints that will help you manage this are as under:

• Ensure you keep your hairstyle current. It is necessary to be contemporary and just as you would keep pace with changing dress fashion; you need to style hair as per the latest trend.
• When it comes to maintaining and holding your hair in one place, nothing is more efficient than Gel.
• You may also make use of pomade to get the distinctive “bed head” appearance.

“It is clear and apparent that your hairstyle plays a very crucial role in determining the way you look and should be given the same priority as well as importance you give to your dressing sense or to the shoes you wear.”

Over the years, men hairstyles have been constantly changing with new trends and when you look at some of the best dressed men, you will notice that they have adapted and adopted hairstyles prevalent at that time and in keeping with their overall appearance. Doing that has helped them acquire a distinct personality and also helped them embrace the latest in fashion.

If you too wish to make such changes to your hairstyle, then you will do well to read this article about the various hairstyling products that will enable you to do so. Each of them have the ability to lend a different kind of texture as well as style to diverse hair types. Reading this article will help you identify the right product for your hair type and that will make it easy for you to achieve the look you want.

So here is the list:

a) Mousse

This product has the ability to suit most hairstyles and you would be able to create any look you want when you use it. When you use Mousse on wet hair, it can provide you with that sleek and shiny look while its usage on dry hair would enable you to style your hair the way you want. The outcome is that you get a look that is more natural with the hair holding its own and not getting out of place. Those with thin hair can get the benefit of volume when they use Mousse and it is therefore recommended that you use it on a daily basis to be able to create the style you want and to be able to manage your hair better.

So how should you use it?

You only need to make sure that the bottle is shaken before you take a small quantity into one hand and apply it like you would apply oil using both hands so that the spread is even. You may then style as per your desire and even blow dry to ensure the hair stays in place.

How is this beneficial?

The principal benefit of Mousse is its ability to help you style your hair the way you want and hold it during the day without any of the stickiness associated with certain oils.

What about any drawbacks?

Problems can only arise when you buy something cheap which would not have the desired holding power.

Celebrities using mousse?

Mousse of high quality used by celebrities like James Franco, Lapo Elkann and Ryan Reynolds does give you the results as is evident from the lovely manner in which these celebrities are able to style their hair.

b) Gel

This has been found to be the most effective product to help keep hair in place all the time. Gel has the ability to work on all kinds of hair and it does not matter whether your hair is curled, textured, waved, and just relaxed or even virgin. The best aspect of gel is that it can be used for various techniques of styling like sculpting, scrunching, freezing as well as molding.

Gels of good quality can also play the role of a moisturizer as well as conditioner for some days. The only care you need to take is to avoid gels that have alcohol content in them as that will tend to make your hair dry. Some of the cheaper gels can lead to some flaking of the hair and you therefore need to go for good quality gels.

The method of application

Take a couple of small globs of the gel in one hand and using both hands, style your dry hair as per desire. You may also blow dry for greater retention or wait for it to get dry on its own in order to get a shiny look.

What is the principal advantage?

You need not bother about heavy gusty winds spoiling the look of your hair as the gel will hold it firmly in place.

Are there any disadvantages?

If you are somebody who wants to try out different hair styles, then you will require a lot of gel and you have to be prepared to get your hands sticky if you are used to restyling your hair many times during the day.

Celebrities using gels?

Some of the celebrities who have made great use of gels and whose hairdos are ideal for gel usage are Jon Ham when he did the character of Don Draper, Brad Pitt and Jake Gyllenhaal.

c) Pomade

Next is the wonderful product of Pomade that is great for enabling haircuts that are stylish and at the same time can also give you that cute ‘messy’ look that is very alluring at times. Let us understand more about this one.

When you use pomade, you can be assured of getting access to a whole host of ingredients that will help you condition, improve hair texture, give it shine and enable you to style as per your choice. Pomade is ideal when you have short hair or hair that is just of medium length. You may use pomade to not only hold but give your hair the desired shape as well and in the process you would be able to come out with your own unique hairstyle.

Pomade would also enable you to present the natural look.

How to apply pomade

Take a small quantity and use both hand to rub it gently on the hair. Make sure you spread it evenly especially where you require molding.

What is the benefit?

You can achieve great hair texture with very little quantity of pomade.

The major disadvantage

Well, if you accidentally apply a bit too much, it will make your hair appear greasy and would require a lot of shampooing to get rid of the excess pomade.

Celebrities using pomade?

Celebrities like Mark Ronson, Robert Pattinson and Ed Westwick have used pomade effectively to style their hair get their distinctive looks.

d) Hairspray

Hairspray can also be made use of to style and provide your hair with the right finish. Hairspray can provide thickness as well as a shiny look to your hair. Since most good quality hairsprays have UV sunscreen cover inherent in them, they are ideal for those of you who have to spend a lot of time in the hot sun. Hairsprays can also be used on wet hair to enable you to mold it the way you want to.

You can use hairsprays on hair that is already styled and is dry. Just ensure that you keep away from those hairsprays that are pungent as they can mask the fragrance of your cologne as well.

How do you apply?

Hairsprays are pretty simple to use and you only need to take care that you are using the hairspray evenly on your hair. You can blow dry or let it dry on its own depending on the style you want to keep. Take care to avoid proximity to lit cigarettes as well as open flame.

What is the major gain?

The fact that you only need to spray it three to four times without having to dirty your hands is the major gain.

Are there any hitches?

Well, it is the strong odor of some of the hairsprays that can cause your hair to become dry as well as crunchy and this strong odor can also mask the cologne you are wearing.

Celebrities using hairspray?

The celebrities who have made great use of hairsprays are Javier Bardem, George Clooney and Leonardo Dicaprio.

So which product should I use?

The key is to select one that suits your hairstyle and your personality. Remember to choose one that does not have alcohol and at the same time can also provide adequate UV sunscreen cover as well as benefits of moisturization. All this will help you maintain your hair and keep it healthy.




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