8 Things to Consider Before Signing Up for a Gym Membership


Have you ever gone through one of those phases when you are suddenly hit by a sudden urge to gear up, work out and get in shape? But how often does this newfound resolution to hit the fitness threadmill get translated into real, solid action?

This month, Rasyida Samsudin puts on her best work out attire to sample a free one-week pass to California Fitness gym, and find out 9 things to consider before signing up for a gym membership.

1. Time

One of the things to consider before joining a gym is time. Getting in shape requires a certain amount of commitment, since you would want to be serious about it and not let this resolution be a flop. If you cannot afford to commit the time, reconsider your plans. Will you at least be able to go down at least twice a week? You would not want to pay for membership and not use it. Nonetheless, everyone should at least be able to spare about 2 hours a week working out. Fitness take precedence over anything else here.

2. Clear motivating factors

Before you consider, think of what your goals are. Are you trying to lose some weight, get a lean and tone figure, or bulk up and get that washboard abs you only see on those drool-worthy Calvin Klein models? By being more specific and clear of what your goals are, you would be able to know what kind of exercises you are looking into, such as cardio or weight-training.

3. Equipment

Here’s the cold hard truth: the quality of a gym is determined by the quality (and quantity) of the equipments they have. A good gym should provide many different types of equipments that allow you to work different parts of your body, from head to toe. Also, they should provide a fair number of the similar equipments to ensure that patrons do not have to wait for turns during peak hours.

4. Classes & Value-Added Services

Check out the types of classes offered at the gym. Ladies might find high-energy, intensive dancing classes appealing, while guys might like the idea of a mass weight-training in a class pumping with music. Moreover, classes allow guys and ladies alike to participate together, making them appealing to couples who wish to spend some time working out together.

Also, you might want to know if the gym offers other value-added services that are worth your attention. Some gym might offer classes that others do not. Some gym might have special facilities that are not available elsewhere. California Fitness for example, is the first to provide the TRX training to its members, an area of work out that is yet to be discovered by many. Some gyms might also offer interesting classes under their Group X packages. On top of that, you might also be pleased to know that your membership might include access to use the gym’s steam and sauna facilities. Finally, check with the gym if your membership entitles you to discounts at retail outlets, restaurants and cafes. You never know the kind of treats they have in store!

5. Reliability and brand name

Ultimately, the brand of the gym you attend matters too. It is important to know that you are paying for services from a gym with established reputation. There are a number of reliable names in Singapore, particularly True Fitness, Fitness First and California Fitness with credible standing and international reputation. You definitely don’t want to fall victim like many recent spa scams where members pay a huge sum for an attractive package only to find the spa has closed down the next day. Thus, do some basic research on the company first especially those that are not too well-known and be confident that they are not fly-by-night gyms.

6. Cost

Before you proceed to paying for a membership, be very clear of what you are paying for. Of course, anyone could opt for the cheaper alternative of a neighbourhood’s community centre gym facilities, if you do not have any particular goal in mind. Gym membership may start from $12.50/week (at California Fitness). Nonetheless, some gym membership fees might entitle you to perks and benefits that might be worth the cost. Thus do your math, and find out how much each visit of the gym actually costs based on your expected frequency and decide if you will pay for it. Sometimes we can be so caught up in the hype of all the perks of a package that we fail to see how much it actually costs.

7. Location

The gym’s location is equally important to consider before anything else. You might prefer a gym that is located near your office location to make it convenient for you to drop by during lunch breaks or after work. You may also consider dropping by the club in town on weekends before planning to go out. Most gyms in Singapore may have different branches and clubs spread islandwide, so you might want to look into the possibility of that.

8. Display of eye candies

Last but not least, you might consider the kind of people who go to that same gym. This might sound shallow of me, but I’ll admit that knowing that hot hunks and cutie pies attend the gym (and oh boy, are there tons of them during the peak period) is a great motivating factor for me. Even having a gorgeous personal trainer to motivate me through my work outs sound appealing to me. Some of you might even consider joining a gym for the purpose of “meeting people during classes” or even “networking”. Let’s all be honest, we are all guilty of that.

So for those of you who have never considered joining a gym before, you might rethink the idea again, having thought about these various factors. So put on your best running shoes and get your body working towards a sexier, healthier new you!