5 Common Myths of Calorie Counting


When you get into muscle building or wish to lose fat, there is a need to take in the right quantity of calories so that you can achieve the right mix of calorie balance. This is necessary to lose body weight in the appropriate manner so that you do not fall prey to any illness due to fatigue and loss of immunity. You can track your calorie loss and gain and understand it better by knowing about some of the myths associated with this activity.

So here goes:

a) Negative calorie foods exist

Some people believe that certain foods can help them lose weight easily by expending more calories. The reality is that though these foods have lesser calories inherent in them, they cannot cause weight loss or put you into a state where you have negative calories to show.

b) You only need to take care of your carbohydrate intake to control calories

Many people have taken to low-carbohydrate dieting in order to lose weight and they are under the false impression that they only need to keep carbohydrate intake low to lose weight. This makes them splurge on high protein foods such as steaks, eggs and so on. They feel they would not gain weight as long as they do not take many carbohydrates.

The reality however is that carbohydrates provide valuable macronutrients and this actually helps you reduce your intake of calories by giving you a feeling of fullness and satiation. You however need to take them in moderation as excess can lead to them not being burnt off and they can get synthesized into fat deposits.

c) Low fat foods have much lower calories

Similarly, the other myth is that foods labeled ‘low fat’ is always beneficial for intake and they will not lead to any development of fat in the body.

Here again the reality is that manufacturers of such food products tend to add sugar in order to lend taste to such food and this will push up your calorie intake. In fact some of the so called ‘low fat’ foods have sugar content that is very high and contain more calories than regular food.

d) Low carbohydrate diets will make you lose weight quickly by burning more calories

People are under this impression that low carbohydrate diets have the magical ability to speed up metabolism within the body and that in turn would lead to quicker weight loss.

The fact that many individuals do experience quick success with such a diet helps this myth gain more ground. However, the truth is that this kind of a diet appears to have its positive effect mainly due to the lack of water content in such a diet and that gives an impression of weight loss. People then feel that this is a superior diet. However, low carbohydrate diets actually lead to a slow down of the metabolism since the quantity of carbohydrates has a direct influence on your thyroid activity.

e) Just exercising enough will help reduce your calorie intake

This is another belief that has been perpetuated over time. People feel by training more they can lose weight and need not bother about body fat.

The reality is that training more would make the body lose more calories and very often that proves detrimental to the individual as the body has its own constraints in how much training and exercise it can bear. If this threshold of tolerance is crossed, the fat loss will stop. Though certain individuals have constitutions that can tolerate a high muscle mass and are also aided by a quicker metabolism rate, they still need to go slow on their training regimen and have to find out what suits their body the best. They cannot keep pushing their bodies to achieve results in double quick time.

Control of calories

Keeping count of calories does seem to be a frustrating experience initially but after a couple of weeks, you should be able to determine how many calories your body is requiring for it to function well. As long as you are able to keep within the range – give or take 100 calories and take foods that add up to the calories you have deduced, you should still be able to get the results you want without taxing your body too much.



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