20 Tips to Get Rid of Foot Odor


No body likes a stinking feet, giving off odor and most people would say it is an obnoxious thing to have. Most of the times people with bad foot odor would be extremely conscious about the fact and they would be hesitant to take their shoes off in public. Needless to say that being conscious of it has nothing to do with it as they would still is unaware why they are having the odor in the first place. Thankfully though there are several tips to ward off this smell and get your confidence back to remove your shoes in public.

Let’s look at the following 20 different ways to ward off this smell and start baring your feet in public again:

1. Dry your feet in the air as often as you can. The primary reason why you are having the problem of smell is that your feet are getting wet due to sweating. When you dry them out properly, sweat does not form and as such you have cleaner and less smelly feet.

2. Moisture control socks are a great idea. Most of the times, not matter how we love to take off our shoes and let them dry, we can’t. Moisture control shoes are the ideal solution at that point. They ensure that sweat does not make your feet smelly.

3. Warm salt water solutions are known to take the moisture out of your skin. They will also keep your feet dry for hours and thus preventing the bad odor. After taking a shower dip your feet in a warm bucket of warm water stirred with salt. When done, gently wipe your feet and then put your socks on.

4. Try washing your feet with vinegar as it also helps to keep your feet dry. There is one warning however, vinegar is known to have the same sort of smell, so ensure that you do this procedure at the end of the day when you don’t have to leave for anywhere. Wash your feet and then go to sleep wearing a pair of socks.

5. Have you ever tried green tea or black tea for washing your feet? A great alternative to vinegar is black tea which works wonderfully well. In case black tea is unavailable then try green tea, it works as well.

6. Using a good foot scrub also you can reduce the odor that your feet produce. Some people are not too keen on using vinegar, salt water or tea; for them foot scrub is the ideal option. Foot scrub can be prepared using lemon, ginger or radish. These home based foot scrubs formulations have a great soothing effect on your feet and ensure that they don’t smell. You can try doing this twice every week.

7. Apart from drying and soaking your feet you will also need to dry your shoes as well. There is absolutely no point in drying and soaking your feet if you are going to again stick your feet in that same sweaty pair of shoes. Dry them first in the air and then wear them again.

8. There are plenty of shoes available in the market which breathe, that means let go off the moisture rather than bottling them up inside the shoe. Try wearing such shoes.

9. Try changing and rotating your shoes to allow one pair to get dry before wearing them again.

10. Wearing socks is a good idea. Simply wearing shoes will allow all the sweat to get bottled up inside the shoe and start to stink. If possible wear open toed shoes which allow the feet and the shoes to get dry. Some women prefer wearing nylons; it is a good idea to wear socks over the nylon to avoid the sweat and the smell.

11. Deodorants for your feet are a good idea. There are several available at the stores. Simply buy a good quality foot deodorant and use regularly to ensure that you feet are not smelly.

12. Have a sudden problem of feet smelling? Take that bottle of deodorant out of your bag and make good use of it by spraying it on your feet. Although not the ideal solution, they will ensure that your sudden embarrassing problem is taken care off.

13. There are deodorants for shoes as well, apart from the ones that are used for your feet. Such deodorants are mostly available in powder forms. Try using them regularly for smell free feet. Apart from that you can also use corn starch and even baking soda for the purpose of rubbing on to your feet. It makes the similar good effect on them.

14. Most of the time the bacteria that forms on your feet because of the sweat is what makes the feet itchy and smelly. Benzoyl peroxide gel is a good antidote for the same. It reduces the bacteria that form due to the sweat.

15. Identifying the reasons for sweating can help you to take remedial measures for the same. A lot of time people sweat because of anxiety and stress. Others have a physical condition which makes them to sweat so much. In case you are aware of the sweating problems, try taking remedial measures like using anti-perspirant deodorant, or using a personal fan or carrying an extra pair of clean shoes and socks when you work out to counter this.

16. What you eat also can cause a problem for your sweating condition. It may be the case that not only your feet but your entire body is sweating. Try correcting the problem by changing your diet. Speak with a dietician or a dermatologist who can help you.

17. Probably the problem is because you are not getting enough zinc. The common issue as most dieticians will tell you is that you are not having enough zinc in your diet to counter the smelling problem.

18. Anti bacterial soaps are effective in taking away the sweat and the bacteria that forms because of them. Most people do not take the initiative to clean their feet and because of which they start to have smelly feet. When using an anti bacterial soap, you should make it a point to clean your feet at least twice a day.

19. Smelly feet may not be because of cleanliness and you may have some sort of disease that is associated with it. in case after doing everything else you still have the smelly problem, then you need to meet with a podiatrist who can have a good look ate it and figure out if there is a problem.

20. Sometimes a prescribed medication may only be the right solution for you. After having checked every possible reason a doctor might be able to tell to whether you have serious problem or not. If you do have a medical condition though it is advised that you start taking the prescription drugs that have been given to you such as aluminum chloride with ethyl alcohol, botox and as a last resort surgery.

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