Pony Tails – How to Wear Them


If you are just like the way I am and love the thought of having a hair style that still allows you to pull it back when you want to, then it would be easy to imagine that you would be doing what I am doing, just indulging in a pony tail or a simple bun everyday of the week. I am not saying that it is blasphemy, in fact it is quite goof to try something simple once a while, however it would be exciting to change things around a bit once in a while. Ponytails for one have an immense variety, which are easy to toss, carry and a whole lot of fun when you wear that style. It also means that you will still have plenty of time to remain out of your home and less time actually doing your hair. So go ahead and have plenty of fun trying different style with your long hair each week.

Something to ponder: many of us feel kind of nostalgic with the thoughts of the 80’s. Being an ardent fan myself I do. I can watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or Back to the Future anytime of the week. However it does not in any way gives us the license to wear a scrunchie. No matter what you do, it is not advisable to have a scrunchie on your head.

Different Part

If parting in the middle is what you do normally, try and experiment and part your hair on the sides when you are setting your hair back. If you are trying out a sleek ponytail then try pulling your hair straight back. Your bangs may go to one side of your head or the other, it if does then try working your bangs with your part and accordingly style your hair. Another thing that you could try is keep your shorter layers or bangs covering your face in a lose styling and then gently pulling the rest of your hair back.

Are your simply tired of your straight part style? Why don’t you try a zigzag or messy part instead?

Half Up

If you are wearing that pony tail most of the time then changing it or giving it a different look once in a while is no going to do too much of harm. In fact a simple half up do is going to change your ponytail dramatically while ensuring that you don’t have to do too much of work. You can either try changing your part of simply work on half of your hair by puling it back and leaving it parted the way it is. The end result is surely going to leave you a bit surprised as you will notice a different you with a simple change.


Sometimes when you have bangs, you can decide whether you want to pull them back or not if you are going to wear a ponytail. Also by changing your part, you can change the way you wear you part and the final look of the hairdo.

Not keen on bangs and yet looking for a way to change the way your hair finally frames the look of your face? Why don’t you try shortening the layers towards the front of your face?


Headbands are of different sizes and styles. Due to their large color varieties and of course their shapes and sizes, you can select one to specifically compliment your dress. However most girls make a mistake of picking color that is exactly the same her dress. Instead try picking one that is going to compliment the dress. With so many designs and patterns, you can literally go ahead and indulge in a lot of fun trying out exotic designs.

Decorated Bobby Pins

If you are indulging in a ponytail then bobby pins are a wonderful way to ensure that any locks and bangs that are not in place can be easily restrained and to shape an excellent looking ponytail. Bobby pins are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and one can easily go for something exquisite or exotic depending upon their choices. Concerned that the one that you have chosen may not be appropriate for an adult? Why don’t you go for something with buttons, beads or fabric designs and certainly more appropriate? If you are looking for a DIY project, then this can be your next.


Flowers, either fake or real can make a lot of difference to your hairstyle and your overall appearance. There are plenty of seasonal flowers available which you can use. Else you can also fake flowers which can be used during any time of the year. Just as I have asserted not to go for a matching color for your headband, it is also important that you do not go for the same color as your dress for the flowers.

Straightened or Curly

A lot of girls love to keep their hair either straight or curly. If you are interested in making a ponytail then why don’t you try something different for your hair? It will certainly do a lot of good as far as your looks are concerned. If you need some help in trying to straighten or curl your hair, try the links below.

Hair Sticks

Hair sticks are not an option for ponytails. However just as a thought that I would also give you some insight into other hairdos as well I decided to include details about these as well. No matter what hairstyle you love hair sticks are a quintessential requirement for a lot of them. When deciding on a hairdo just consider the style of the hair sticks that you have so that they can go along.

Ribbons or Bows

Ponytails and ribbons are a great combination. Just add ponytail and you have a great look for the occasion. When using ribbons try using a wide variety of colors or use different shades on a single color to spice it up. Just be careful that the color that you choose and the hairdo that it goes with should not give an impression that a little girl is getting ready for a school spirit day at the high school. Anything that is appropriate for an adult and is tasteful would be perfect.

Side Ponytail

The side ponytail always reminds me of the wonderful 80’s. Just as fashion comes back in a cyclic manner, these have come back and they have been extremely useful in the way they have been revived. Needless to say this ponytail style is going to change your looks dramatically. When indulging in the side ponytail, just ensure to keep in mind your part, your bangs and your layers.




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