Essential Basics of Hair Rebonding


You look at your wavy hair and feel a tinge of envy towards somebody with straight hair. After all, every woman wants to have hair that is beautiful and easy to manage. Though you have tried a lot of things to make it straight, you find that invariably it is back to square one. You are aware of the process of rebonding and have read about it, but are not sure if you should try it on yourself due to some horror stories you have heard about how things can go wrong.

As with everything else, you need to fully understand the entire process of rebonding and how it can truly transform your hair into something truly wonderful. So read on and get to know more about this process before you fix that appointment.

So what is this process of rebonding?

This process involves treating the hair with chemicals so as to lend it a shiny and sleek look. The process is an expensive one but gives permanent results. The prices differ across beauty salons depending on the type of treatment, the chemicals used and the post treatment support they provide.

It is to be noted that hair of all types has natural bonds within them that gives them the particular shape or fall. The chemicals or cream softener used in the rebonding process breaks this bond structure and through the help of the neutralizer present in the chemicals, the straightening of the hair is achieved. The rebonding process thus helps you change your existing hair formation into something totally different.

After you have achieved this straightening for the first time, you only need to ensure that new growth of hair is touched up once a quarter or every six months.

Hair Rebonding Process

It is the type of hair in terms of its length, thickness that determines the time that would be required for straightening. It would take about three hours for a man and a woman who has hair extending up to the middle of her back would have to spend 8 hours to get it straightened.

The standard procedure for rebonding are:

1.The hair is first washed using a mild shampoo and then dried totally using a blow dryer using the medium level setting. Note that no conditioner is used at all.

2. This hair is then divided into two and the special cream softener is applied to each shaft of hair carefully and by ensuring that the shaft is straight by using a thin board of plastic.

3. This is retained for a minimum of half an hour. It is not advisable to keep it longer as that can cause harm. The hair is then steamed for duration of about 30 minutes and rinsed off.

4. At this stage, the hair is blow dried and keratin lotion is generously applied.

5. Now this hair is straightened further using a flat iron and any remaining curls is broken to make them as straight as the rest of the hair. Care is taken to see that the temperature of the iron is not very high and in this respect, a ceramic iron is a safer option. The expert at the beauty salon will use the iron as it should be used in order to lend sheen and smoothness to your hair.

6. Once again the parting of the hair is done and a neutralizer applied so that the bonds now formed can become firm and can lead to stabilization of the hair.

7. This neutralizer is retained for a minimum period of 30 minutes.

8. After half an hour, the neutralizer is washed off using cold water at which stage the hair is blow dried and an appropriate quantity of hair serum is applied. The hair is once again ironed and the look of the hair now assumes a shiny one.

The beauty hair expert at the salon will caution you against washing the hair for at least 3 days since the setting of the hair has to take place properly. You will also be advised not to tie any rubber band or put any clip to the hair. Using any other accessories would also not be permissible and you will need to use a shower cap while bathing. This is to prevent the hair getting wet.

Does hair rebonding damage or harm the hair?

It is to be accepted that any chemical process is likely to affect the hair quality as well as texture. Any excessive use of these chemicals can lead to the hair becoming dry, brittle and fall of hair. It is thus necessary to ensure proper post treatment support. If you are already suffering from hair fall, then you should desist from taking this treatment. Getting the process of rebonding done using cheap chemicals, workmanship must also be avoided.

The process can backfire if there is any laxity in the post treatment of your hair. Simply because the hair has now become straight and shiny is no reason for you to ignore or neglect care of your hair. As long as you get this rebonding done at a reputed stylist, you should not have to worry about your hair getting spoilt. Make sure however, that you understand your hair condition and the total process from the stylist before going ahead with it.

Hair Rebonding Care

This is most important and depending on how well you take care of your hair post the treatment, the quality of hair will be impacted. These are some of the steps you can take to maintain your rebounded hair.

• Make use of a good shampoo

• Make use of an appropriate conditioner each time the hair is washed.

• Do not forget to apply hair serum after you dry the hair with the towel.

• Do subject your hair to oil on a regular basis.

• Make use of some of the natural hair masks such as curds, aloe Vera gel or the combination of olive oil and egg at least once every week just before you wash the hair. Subject your hair to both steam and oil once a fortnight. Tying up the hair with a towel that has been dipped in warm water will provide the required stimulation and will strengthen the roots of your hair.

• Eat a balanced diet and make sure to add nuts as well as sprouts to your diet.

Taking care of the hair in this fashion will ensure that is free from any frizz and is always smooth. Since the process of rebonding can make the hair dry, you need to ensure that you provide sufficient hydration to the hair by consuming a lot of water.

How do you reverse or save a rebonding disaster?

If unfortunately, your attempt at rebonding the hair turns to a disaster, then you can do the following to rectify it.
• Cut your hair
• Take the help of the beauty salon where you got the rebonding done to repair it.
• Subject the hair to vigorous oiling on a regular basis.
• Make liberal use of hair serums and leave-in conditioners
• Get the hair deep conditioned once in a fortnight
• Do not subject your hair to any chemical treatment for a minimum of six months
• Style your hair into a bun
• Pick up some other ways of styling your hair from the beauty hair expert
• Protect your hair with a scarf to give it some protection

Remember that your hair is a very crucial element playing a part in your overall personality and you must not try to do anything with it without knowing about the consequences. Try to wear your hair the way it is or if you have to go for some treatment, know the pros and cons and only then attempt it.



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