8 Essential Tips on Wearing Jeans


There is no doubt that jeans comprise a huge part of most youth’s wardrobe and it is perfectly right! In order to maximize your usage and utility of your jeans, there are some precious rules and norms on how to wear denim for the ultimate effect. Though sporting a denim pair need not and is not a very complicated affair, following some of the established formulae or norms would be of great help.

Given below are eight such dos as well as don’ts that have been recommended to put you on the right track.

Jeans Tip #1: Ensure you put your money in at least one dark colored pair of jeans

The advantage with dark colored jeans is that they make the wearer appear slimmer, are always in vogue and are regarded as a classic. You can wear them for any occasion and they can also be paired up with any top – both formal and casual. It is this versatility that makes them such a favorite with everybody.

Jeans Tip#2: Do not be a part of the muffin gang

Ensure you do not wear tight jeans such that the waistband is very tight as well as low. This causes the tummy to protrude out and that is when you become a part of the muffin gang. It does look very odd and irrespective of the quality of jeans and top you are wearing, the overall look is bound to suffer. The only solution is to buy a new pair that fits you comfortably. You may need to therefore try out various sizes to find the right fit. Do not go by just the size that is mentioned on the label.

Jeans Tip #3: Experiment with a pair of washed denim

The choice of black jeans is always a good one. However, you can also try out washed jeans as they too can look equally sexy especially after subjecting them to the right amount of bleaching as well as whiskering.

Jeans Tip #4: Make sure you do not reveal your g-string

Many women make the mistake of knowingly or unknowingly revealing their undies. That really is not fashionable and never was. So make sure you do not make the same mistake and do not get influenced by peer pressure. If your friends wish to do it, good luck to them.

Jeans Tip #5: Try wearing jeggings

If you are one of those who likes a skinny pair of jeans, you can try out jeggings. These are jeans that are skinny but provide you with the comfort and stretch associated with leggings. They look quite sexy on a good pair of legs and the ease of movement they facilitate really sets them apart from any other clothing even if you are bulky. They certainly get our vote as the staple and most comfortable clothing a woman would prefer irrespective of her body size and structure.

Jeans Tip #6: Do not try to pack in more style than necessary and keep it simple

Though you may like the torn look to some extent, you must not go overboard with the slashes and holes. Go slow on the embellishments as well and opt for subtle trimmings along pockets. If you do anything in excess, it will only spoil the look and make you appear as somebody obsessed with fashion. The time tested mantra when it comes to jeans or any kind of clothing in general is that you must endeavor to keep it simple and free of any sort of excesses.

Jeans Tip #7: Select the appropriate length

Do not compromise on the perfect length since that goes a long way in accentuating your legs and makes them look sexy. Keep in mind the footwear you are most likely to use when choosing jeans. If you wish to wear heels, then ensure that the hem hits your instep and keep away from jeans that do not have sufficient length.

Jeans Tip #8: Select the appropriate style that suits your body type

All of us would like to keep pace with trends but you must remember that it is necessary to choose stuff that would look good and would suit your body type. So while fashion magazines are nice to look at and take some tips from, they cannot be relied upon totally to advise you on something that only you would best know and that is your body type.

Some tips on how to choose jeans that would complement your figure are mentioned as under:

Go for the time tested boot-cut jeans (as made popular by Sarah Jessica Parker) that has a flare just below the knees. This is one style that looks good on most women.
If you are of small frame and below 5’4″, you must go for straight legs as the boot-cut would not suit you and your thighs would appear bulkier than they actually are.
If you do not have the perfect figure, you must not choose skinny jeans and a long top.
If your torso is long and consequently legs are short, then please avoid low-waist jeans. They typically look good on those with long legs and a more balanced structure.
Please desist from choosing “Mom jeans” as they make the tummy, hips and butt look much larger than normal.




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