4 Fundamental Skin Care Tips


Taking care of your skin need not be as complicated or as tough as it is made out to be by some of the beauty experts. It is also not something that can be taken lightly as everybody wishes to look at their best and cannot rest content with the popular quote of beauty being only skin deep. After all, inner beauty is not something that is visible and the world respects and appreciates only that which is immediately visible to the eye.

Fortunately, there are some proven ways to ensure that your skin remains fresh and free from blemishes. It is only a question of you knowing the right way to cleanse the skin, face by knowing your skin type and using the best of moisturizers as well as appropriate sunscreens.

As just mentioned, you must know your skin type to set into motion specific actions. Let us look at a simple 4 step process that will take good care of your skin.

Cleansing – Get rid of the dirt!

You can start with finding a good cleanser that need not be too expensive. Keep away from bar soaps as they can make the skin dry. Rona Berg has made a reference about the harmful effects of soap when applied to areas below the neck and is of the opinion that you need to go for a creamy cleanser for dry skin and for a clear cleanser for an oily one.

However, it is important not to cleanse too frequently as well and you should just make do with washing your face at night before hitting the sack. A cold cream such as Ponds is recommended for those with dry skin and this is something that the French have found particularly useful. The recommendation is to simply use some cream and wash off with water. You need to avoid hard water and if you have to wash your face, do so with warm soft water. Just a wee bit of cleanser is all that you require and you can rinse it with the warm water. If you are fond of makeup, then make sure you remove it with the help of an appropriate makeup remover.
One healthy practice is to splash your face with warm water early in the morning as that can take off any excess oil that is left behind after moisturizing at night. It is advisable to never wash the face using very hot or very cold water as that can lead to the capillaries breaking. You also need to be aware of not overdoing the cleansing bit.

Exfoliation – Remove the dead stuff

This is one process many tend to skip and that is really surprising since this process done just once a week will lead to your skin regaining its youthfulness. Rona Berg is of the opinion men by default exfoliate their skin as and when they shave and therefore look younger. You can exfoliate by using chemical peels, retinoids as well as through microdermabrasion.

The use of scrubs has also been studied and while they help remove dead cells from the skin’s top layer, the process of exfoliation done with the help of a microdermabrasion kit has been found to be more useful and lends a nice glow to the skin for a long time. If you have to use scrubs then use one with grains that are small as the big ones can cause the skin to tear due to its abrasive effect and that is obviously not what you want. I have found that the microdermabrasion kit made by Lancôme is very useful and beneficial.

The chemical peel is yet another wonderful way of exfoliating your face and that will immediately knock off some years, making you look younger. If however, you find the process or the cost beyond you, try out some of the peels that are available at the local chemist shop and try them out for a month to get the desired results. I have found the peels of MD Skincare quite effective.

Another way of removing top layer skin cells is by using Retinoids like Retin-A or Renova as they do the job nicely while also ensuring that the collagen within the skin is not affected. This collagen is a very important constituent and is known to provide the structural fiber to the skin. According to Dennis Gross, who is a dermatologist and contributes to the O Magazine, this collagen tends to weaken as we age and that leads to lines on the skin as well as pores of a larger size. Many experts have acknowledged the utility of retinoids and I in particular like Retin-A and pick the stuff whenever I visit Mexico.

Now we come to the question of whether a toner should be used at all. There are some who are very convinced about the benefits of its usage while there are others who disagree and feel that they are best used for copy machines. Toners are basically used to get rid of any remnants of oil, dirt and makeup, but since a good cleanser can do all this, then the need for one is debatable and is purely an individual decision. If you are comfortable with it and feel that you are benefiting from its usage, continue its usage by all means.

Moisturizing – Keep the liquids in

Most beauty experts and skin nutritionists believe in the positive effects of a moisturizer. Using a moisturizer is good for any skin type. If your skin type is oily, it will benefit from the use of a moisturizer all the more. You only need to avoid its usage if you have acne. Moisturizers provide the sealing effect on the skin and this has been referred to by Rona Berg as the ‘Saran Wrap Effect’. The extent of moisturizing required by your skin would be indicated by your skin itself. When you experience a particular tightness of the skin, know that it is begging for the moisturizing effect. However, please do not overdo it as it can block the pores and cause problems of a different kind.

People have also questioned the necessity of eye creams. Some beauty experts have advised the use of such eye creams due to the fact that the area around the eyes does not contain any fatty tissue making them susceptible and vulnerable to wrinkle formation due to their thinness. Use of such creams can provide the required thickness. However, there are other experts who say that when you are anyways using your daily lotion, you are providing the required cover for the area under your eyes anyways and you do not need to use additional eye cream.

Sunscreen – Keep the harmful rays out!

Most beauty and skin care experts have been positive about the application of sunscreen in their interviews with the O Magazine as they feel that the harmful effects of the skin is what causes wrinkles and adequate protection by way of a sunscreen is a must which they will advise their daughters to follow as well.
It is advisable to start using sunscreen quite early in your life and you should continue this even in the winter season and on days when it is cloudy. You would do well to buy two moisturizers – one that you can use only at night and one that accords you UV protection during the day time. Keep away from using those moisturizers that contains sunscreen during the night as that can harm the skin. Choose sunscreen which contains Mexoryl and this is typically found in products of Neutrogena and also in La-Roche Posay as well as Helioplex.

By following these 4 simple basic tips, your skin should be in a much better condition than not doing anything at all. Remember that taking care of your skin is an investment that will see its effects many many years down the road. So take care of yourself now!




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