30 Manicure Tips


People do notice well maintained and groomed nails. One needs to bear in mind that manicure is
indeed a very important facet of personal grooming. Even, slight ignorance on your part would
lend a shabby look. Your fingernails would grow at varied lengths and it would look untidy as
well. There are about thirty tips on manicure and pedicure and you will surely enjoy reading
these tips and adopting them to your advantage.

So how do you go about treating yourself with a manicure?

1. The best nail shape is neither the long one nor the square type. Squoval is the shape which is
in trend and popular too. It is a perfect combination of oval and square. You may do the filing
all by yourself and give it a shape which looks flattering. It is important that you file the nail
base perfectly. Nail expert, Deborah Lippmann has opined in the InStyle Magazine that nail tips
which have been filed in a square form will lend a plumper look to your fingers.

2. Make sure that the nails are not filed callously and they also need to be in line with each

3. Generally, people tend to shake the bottle containing nail polish. The ideal way to do it is to
roll it well between the palms so that the polish mixes perfectly in the bottle without giving rise
to air bubbles, since that will spoil the overall look.

4. It is important to neatly wipe away old nail polish if any left on your nails. Soak the cotton
ball in the nail polish remover and rub it across your nails. Any excess soap or oils needs to be
wiped off completely, or else the fresh coat of nail polish will just peel off.

5. Even a simple trick applied when applying the nail polish can bring class to your nails and
fingers. You need to hold the nail polish brush in between your middle finger and thumb, with
the forefinger resting over the cap.

6. Begin with application of thin layers. The basecoat has to be thin and then you need to go
in for an application of nail polish right in the middle. Once you are through with the middle
portion, focus on the left side and then the right. This way, your nail polish would be evenly
spread. Once the first coat is completely dry, you may go in for a second coat or a top coat in the
same manner.

7. Once you are through with the manicure and pedicure, an orangewood stick may be run on the
nail sides to cover up flaws, if any. Use of a nail polish remover is advised.

8. A blow-dryer which is set on cool may be used to dry your toes. Make sure to maintain a
distance of at least twelve inches when you dry your feet and toes.

9. If you do not have the time to let your pedicure get completely dry and are in a hurry, you may
apply some cuticle oil, as this will prevent anything getting stuck to the nail polish.

10. Yellow nails or stained nails can be treated by application of lavender oil or lemon drops
to the nail cuticle. A buffer may be used for covering stains, if any. Toothpastes like Arm & Hammer Peroxicare, which have peroxides, are ideal for covering nail stains, if any.

11. If you want to enjoy a spa like pedicure within the comfort zone of your home, you may take
a towel, damp it in your microwave for few minutes. Just dip your feet in a moisturizer solution
and then later wrap your feet in this warm and damp towel. This will surely give you the feeling
and soothing experience, which you would have experienced in a health and beauty spa.

Manicure Salons

1. Professionals opine that only real nails will be able to lend sophistication and class. Fake
nails are not the real ones after all. Fake nails may not be healthier and are not recommended
due to various health reasons. Investing some time and efforts on your nails will surely help you
maintain healthy nails. Check out for some attractive and trendy manicure tips from time to time.

2. Those of you who are too particular about hygiene, may want to carry their own manicure and
pedicure equipment to the salon. Some of you may be allergic to the common salon equipments
which are used in spas and salons and carrying your own equipment is a good idea.

3. The famous Rescue Beauty Lounges owner, Ji Baek suggests that you should never cut your
cuticles. The reason is that cuticles in fact safeguard our nail bed. Once there is a cut, the nail is prone
to infection which is unhealthy. Use an orangewood stick for pushing behind the cuticle as it
protects the nail bed and infection too. Baek opines that generally manicurists are experts and
professionals in cuticle cutting, so there is no cause for worry as such. There have been cases
where manicurists may have cut into your skin. If you still have some phobia attached to it, then
do not ask them to do it.

4. Try out a nude and clean look for your nails. Do not apply polish to your nails. Just buff
your nails with a clean and good buffer. If you want to lend sheen to your nails, simply go for
buffing. It is a much preferred choice as compared to clear nail polish and you will surely like
the new and clean look. Baek suggests buffing to many of his clients and they are pretty happy
and satisfied with the way their nails look after the buffing. Baek who is associated with the
InStyle Magazine comments that many of the fashion editors go in for buffing before going in
for fashion shows.

If you do not have the time for the nail polish to dry, you may go in for fast-drying topcoat. This
is however not recommended as routine, as there are greater chances of your nail polish chipping
off easily. Beauty salons and spas generally charge something extra for this quick fix.

Taking care of your manicure

1. The best way to ensure that your manicure and pedicure remains intact is to apply a topcoat.
This will also prevent your nail polish from wearing off or chipping away easily.

2. Choose a nail buffer, as it is a protective shield for your nails and will also prevent chipping
off your polish. Use of a buffer for smoothing your ragged edges will repair chipped nails.
Smoother the chip better would be the fix. Use the polish to fill the chip. Only after drying, you
need to apply a fresh coat.

3. Nails generally become tender after you have had a shower. Hence, refrain from filing your
nails, as there are greater chances of the nail breaking. When filing your nails, care should be
taken, so that the nails do not get torn.
4. Pedicure specialists or experts will use specialized clippers for clipping nails. These are
pedicure nail clippers. Use of these clippers will give the desired shape and your nails also will
not become curvy. When the nail becomes curved, you will notice ingrown nails which may also
become painful. A file may be used to give it the desired shape and to make the edges rounded.

5. For cleaning your nails, you may use Miss Webril which is a good cotton brand. This brand
is available for six dollars at most of the beauty outlets. Unlike other cotton balls, this brand
does not leave behind fuzzy remnants. If you want to do away with tough polish stains, just
use the cotton ball and press it on the nail for some seconds and then wipe away the polish. An
application of a lavish coat of nail polish remover to your nails will do the trick. Baek of InStyle
Magazine recommends that you use your polish remover generously. When the cotton ball is
soaked with nail remover, it becomes easy to wipe off stubborn stains.

6. If you intend gardening or planting shrubs in your garden after you have your manicure
session, then make sure to wear rubber gloves, else the entire manicure will go for a toss. Hence,
make sure you protect it well.

7. Those of you who have extremely dry cuticles, should grease the cuticles with cuticle oil
preferably. Make sure to carry one in your bag or keep it in your office drawer. These work
well on your cuticles and are recommended for keeping your cuticles healthy. As compared to
moisturizers and creams, cuticle oils are effectual.

8. Nail biters may have to go in for a manicure every three months. Baek has written
in ‘Confessions of a Beauty editor’ that nail biters have given up on nail biting, thanks to the
manicure expenses. One can completely give up on this habit within twelve weeks. Those
women who are unable to refrain from nail biting should try harder. Perseverance is the key. It
will not only save you money, but you can also get rid of this disgusting habit.

The answer to softer and cleaner feet – Pedicure

1. PedEgg is the answer to keep your feet healthy and clean. It gets rid of dead skin. For
dry feet, PEdEgg is undoubtedly the best.

2. The best way to ensure that the skin remains fresh and clean is to use a pumice stone which
will keep the skin free of dirt. Eucerin’s Aquaphor is the most preferred skin cream or lotion
which can be applied on the skin. You may wear your socks after applying the lotion before
retiring to bed.

3. If you want to have feet which retain their softness, just go through ‘Confessions of a Beauty
Editor’ which will give you the right tips on how to keep soft and fresh. The best way to ensure
this is to lavishly apply diaper rash cream on to your feet. Cover the feet with a thin plastic
and then wear your socks. This may be slightly uncomfortable for you, but if you can manage it, nothing like it. Also, you can surely be guaranteed of the softest feet when you rise in the
morning. You can see the transformation for yourself.

More manicure and pedicure suggestions

1. When you go through ‘Confessions of a Beauty Editor’, you will realize that you should not
grow your nails more than eighth to quarter inch. Too long nails may not look neat and clean.

2. Charla Krupp has written in her book “How not to look Old” that fake nails and nail polish
which is blood red in color are sure to age faster. Also, a badly done French manicure would
surely make your nails look older. A nail polish which is too white and a thicker edge can look
absolutely disastrous. Charla suggests that one should ideally keep fingernails colorless or
neutral. When it comes to your feet, go in for trendy and fun colors.

3. Beauty editors have confessed in ‘Confessions of a Beauty Editor’ that they enjoy lazy
pedicures, where just a basecoat is applied and then follow that up with two thin polish coats.
They then cover it with another layer of topcoat and this is a generous application. It may not be
necessarily in line with the nail. The excess if any is scraped off in the morning when they go
for a shower. This truly works, believe it or not. People who do not have the time or are not very
enthusiastic about doing their own pedicures, should meet with up a professional or expert and
get their manicure as well as pedicure done.