15 Basic Tips to Applying Mascara


The art of applying mascara is something that needs to be learnt so that you do not end up making a mess of the makeup. Given below are 15 tips which you must look at and put into practice to become better at this form of makeup.

• Proper method – You can perk up the mascara application through three steps as below:
Step 1: Use the wand in a left right movement right at the base of your lashes. When you place the mascara at the roots, the illusion of increased length is created and this is much better than placing it at the tips.
Step 2: Separate the lashes as you wiggle the wand through them so that the application is uniform and consistent.
Step 3: Finally, close your eye and now apply the mascara wand so as to cover the lashes at the top and pull down gently to remove any clumps.

• Preventing clumps from forming – Many do not like the usage of lash combs, though makeup artists find them to be of great utility in the prevention of any clumps forming on the lashes and the fact that the lashes can be separated well.
The best way to avoid this clumping in the absence of the lash comb is to start applying the mascara at the lash base and then through wiggling the wand, gently apply it to the lash tips. You also need to remove any trace of clumps from the wand and wiping them on a tissue takes care of the removal of any blobs prior to your mascara application.

• Give the spoolie a trial – The spoolie or a mascara wand that can be disposed off is a very useful item that can be used to apply mascara on the lashes when in a wet condition and then disposed off. Many beauty stores carry them and this way you can avoid any clumping possibilities. The brand of Ricky’s is one that you can try out.
Some of your no longer used mascara wands can also be reused by just cleaning them with a good quality makeup remover and washing them with soap. After they are properly dried, they are ready for use.

• Use a combination of mascaras – Makeup artists use this trick to make lashes really pop out. They use a coat of lengthening mascara and follow it up with mascara that is thick. Excess can be removed with a clean disposable mascara wand.

• Do not hesitate to use mascara that is colored – Though black is the universal color that works well for most people, you should feel free to try out brown as well as other colors like blue or purple as well. In fact these colors are very popular and you should feel free to try them out. Blue mascara helps brighten eyes that are blue while purple makes brown eyes stand out and pop really well. The Maybelline Great Lash mascara is one such popular brand selling very well in the US.

• Make use of the eyelash curler – When you curl the eye lashes, the impression created is that of the eyes being much wider as well as brighter. You only need to use warm air from the blow dryer for about 5 seconds on your mascara curler to provide the right warmth for the application. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to curl your lashes before the mascara application. You can do the curling after the application as well and the only requirement is that the mascara should have dried out fully. Good eyelash curlers are made by Shu Uemura and you can buy them online.

• Coat the edges while blinking – You need to blink if you have to cover the edges properly and uniformly. This will give them the extra coat they need for a good finish.

• Apply powder under the eyes – It is better to apply powder under the eyes rather than any concealer or cream as they can attract mascara smudges due to their oily content and that can look quite ghastly.

• Use the wand in a zig –zag fashion – Doing this will cut down possibilities of clumps forming and will give a smooth finish to the application.

• Try applying mascara only at the lash tops – You can make your eyes appear wider by applying mascara at the top of the lashes. You can achieve this effect by applying it at the bottom as well, but it should be light. If you find that difficult to do, then you can make use of a tissue that you can place under before applying the mascara.

• The mascara primer is a good option – Using a mascara primer is a good way to separate lashes so that you can apply mascara properly and uniformly to the eye lashes. Many makeup artists depend on the mascara primer and think highly about it. One brand you can try out is the Lancome Cils Booster XL.

• The second coat – Be patient and wait for the first one to dry fully before applying the second coat. Failure to do so will lead to clumps formation.

• Prevention of air bubbles – Ensure you do not keep pumping the mascara wand repeatedly into the tube as this will allow air to enter the tube and the mascara would get dry quicker than usual.

• Use the wand at an angle – Makeup artists always use the mascara wand at a right angle and by this they are able to work with a steady hand. This explains how the application done by them is always in place and without any smudges.

• Blinking – Ensure you wait for about five seconds before you blink as otherwise, you will end up applying the mascara on your eyelids.