10 Most Common Driving Mistakes By Teens


Teen Drivers have the highest risk percentage when it comes to making mistakes and no doubt are one of the largest group of people involved in the most fatal of accidents. Several reasons can be attributed to young people making accidents; we have however considered only the following top ten driving mistakes as per AAA.


Reckless Driving

Rest assured it might very well just happen to you. Reckless and needless risk taking is one of the leading causes why a large number of people in the age group of 15 – 20 get injured and even killed. Moreover when you crash it is not only about you alone, car crashes will also affect the pedestrians and also the passengers who are traveling with you and also the drivers of other vehicles and even the families of the people who are injured or killed in the accident. Needless to say, doing something needlessly and then having to live with it for the rest of your life can be too big a burden for your young shoulders can carry.


Not Buckling Up

Seat belts are not a hindrance. They are their so that in the event of an accident, you are not thrown against your steering wheel or worse thrown out of the front window. When driving use seat-belts and also insist that the other passengers are also wearing their belts. Statistically speaking about two-thirds of teens not wearing seat belts are killed in accidents that they are involved in. when you do wear a seat belt however, it reduces the chances of you getting hurt or getting killed in an accident by at least 45 percent.



There is a reason why there is a speed limit set. One-third of teen gets killed or injured because they prefer not to be bogged down by the speed limit that has been set. Needless to say, when you obey the speed limit, however, you are also reducing the chances of getting injured or killed in an accident drastically.


Rowdy/Distracting riders

Most teens love riding with their friends. They would normally pack their friends when driving. However this very tendency increases the chances of a crash. A single teenage passenger can increase the chances of your crash by at least 50 percent. When keep adding more teenage passengers your chances of crashing also increases.


Using Cell phones

The USA has been forced to ban texting and speaking on the cell phones recently. The result is the increasing number crashes that are attributed to the growing incidence of texting and using cell phones while driving. Basically when talking on the phone you are driving blindly and your reaction time increases significantly.


Over engrossed with Music

Learn to do one thing extremely important when you are driving; i.e.; turn off your radio. Young drivers are hooked on channel surfing on their radio and getting distracted as a result. Driving and channel surfing are two options that simply don’t go together.


Late-night Driving

If you are looking to drive late tonight, don’t. Teens are more likely to crash during nights between 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. if your parents have reposes a curfew, obey that at all costs.


Drunk Driving

Staying sober has a lot of benefits. One major benefit is certainly not getting killed. In One out of every sixth crash, a teenager is found to be intoxicated at a very high level which is comparable to adult standards.


Peer pressure

Making the right choice can make the difference between life and death. When you are forced to make a choice, don’t get forced to make the wrong one. When getting into a car with someone ask yourself whether you can trust your life with this person. Is he in the right frame of mind to be able to drive safely? Always be vocal if you find someone is driving dangerously.



A significantly disturbing trend among teenagers are their growing confidence levels with the acute shortage of experience. This is a dangerous mix which often results in a family losing their only son or daughter. It is the parent’s responsibility to look after their children and ensure that they are driving safely, even after they have got their drivers license.