In my younger days things were a lot different. To look the super cool dude and make the transformation from a slob to that was only a half an hour sojourn. To get ready for a night out in the town all I needed to do was to take a shower, get a shave, a splash of aftershave, some deodorant, nice fitting clothes, perfect for the night out, and then run my comb through my hair with some bryl cream.

However the real problem was not in that half an hour, in as much as getting those half an hour of time to use the bathroom at a stretch. The reason was that my sister would be occupying the bathroom for nearly 2-3 three hours at a stretch doing what women do, trying everything possible to look perfect for her night out in the town. She would be toiling her way shaving, plucking and the best of all applying her war paint all over her face along with all other routines that women normally do before leaving home. Afterwards these 2-3 hours of toiling she would spend another 1-2 hours selecting from her closet what to wear, along with what accessories she would be wearing with that.

Women always seemed to have a lot more attention to their looks and aware of their appearance in public then men would do in those days.


Things have changed dramatically these days though, with men having become just as aware and conscious about their appearance in public. If my sister and I would have been going out in the town at the same time, we would have had a great fight just to be able to use the bathroom. Men are today willing to spend the time to look their absolute best when going out.

Male grooming is a bustling industry which globally is a few billion dollars business. The hitherto cosmetics and grooming industry which focused on designing and producing products for the females are slowly warming up to the prospect of male grooming and the business that it means for them.

Men now have a diverse range of products that includes male lipsticks, eye shadows and other products to compliment a well manicured nails. Cosmetic surgery which was hitherto a female bastion is now slowly being occupied by male as well. Extra fat or a damper of male boobs? Don’t worry, plastic surgery can help! Perfect looks is no longer a myth for men. For a discouraging size of the manhood, there are special surgeries for that well. So no matter what ever may be your worries, there are solutions and treatments for everything.

Look Good Feel Good

Taking time in your looks is not only an aesthetic matter but it also helps boost your ego and your confidence. It has a talismanic effect on your personality, the way you conduct business and interact with others in the society.

Looking good does not necessarily means that you will have to break your life’s savings for that. There are plenty of cost effective and even free methods to look good.

10 Male Beauty Tips


These days women love their man have that light harvest of a look. It looks quite rugged and ravishing. However if you have a poorly maintained facial growth that can be a spoiler for your big night out. Make sure that you take the time to get clean shaved before leaving home.


A well manicured set of nails looks great on anyone. However getting a manicure is not supposed to be bank breaking. Ask your mom or sister who have been doing their own nails for years and they will readily help you out. All you need to do is to ask. To further augment the looks, try using a clear nail polish and or varnish that will ensure that stunning looking nails.


If you are using an anti aging cream that will work to take off the age lines just as they would do on a woman’s face, however there is a catch, anti aging creams leave a shine on the skin which may be unwanted for a man. As such when using one try compliment that with a concealer or any other cosmetic which will take the shine off the face. A light foundation powder or a cream will also work just as same to take the shine off and leave you looking younger.

Skin Cleansing

Facial scrub is a good way to ensure that you get rid of the dead skin cells and make way for the new skins to take their place. While buying a skin scrub try looking for an apricot scrub that will ensure that your skin is left smoother and younger looker. It also has the added advantage of getting rid of black heads and white heads.


While there are absolutely no reasons why a an cannot use cosmetics such as a male lipstick, eye shadow and blushers and others the usage must be under supervision and the guidance of an expert who can not only guide you into the proper usage of the cosmetics and also stop you If you are trying to over do it. Cosmetics for men should only be used to accentuate the best features and not to try and look like a women and give out all the wrong signals. After all that is not the idea here!

Teeth Whitening

No mater how good a cleaning regime you maintain, your teeth will still become stained from drinking tea, coffee and other beverages and fast foods and other stuffs. You need a cleaning agent for your teeth such as teeth bleach. Whitening toothpaste can also work but it takes a much longer time frame to remove the stains and comparatively teeth bleaching formula works faster and better.

Fresh Breath

Use a mouthwash to compliment your teeth cleaning regime and complete the oral hygiene routine. Regular brushing is necessary but it does not remove the germs and bad breath. Plus there are several areas in your mouth where your brush does not reach effectively. Mouthwash effectively kills the germs in these areas and then freshen your breadth to leave you clean and ready to face the world.

Hair Care

When buying a shampoo don’t go for gimmicks and advertising and only stick to substances that are natural and contains the right vitamins for your hair. Most shampoos contain artificial substances which are dangerous for your hair and will do nothing for them. So take proper care to ensure that you read the label properly before buying. Vitamin E is extremely good for your hair. They will make your hair strong and also condition the hair follicles. You can also opt for hot oil treatments which leaves the hair with a natural shine and a strong root.


A lot can be said about a man by the way he dresses. Poorly cleaned shabby clothing is a perfect giveaway that the man does not really care about how he looks in public. That of course is a turn off. A well groomed man who has followed everything mentioned in the earlier parts of this article and then turns up wearing a set of shabby clothes and unpolished shoes is going to be the perfect formula for disaster.

Body Odour

This is certainly more pertinent for those of you who have to struggle with this issue of bad body odour (BO). However, it is not restricted to those with BO! Have a pleasant and manly scent can quickly convey positive vibes to people around you. The use of mildly faint but manly scents would be most recommended for most occasions. Not forgetting that smell is one of the few senses we humans have but are seldom stimulated with (apart from food!), and having this extra edge in this area will certainly do you no harm. Be careful not to go overboard on the scents though as it could just as well work against you.

Have Fun!

You have taken all the pain to look good and feel good. You are now filled to the brim with confidence and want to enjoy your life. Go ahead and enjoy the time out in the middle and be a wolf!



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