Fail Harder


Show me a man who is too afraid to fail, and I’ll show you a man who has never tried to reach for the stars. As a society, we are too obsessed with results that failing becomes a stigma and a bad report card. We feel embarrassed and ashamed when we try and fail. As a result, it is much easier not to try. It is easier not to reach for the stars and be contented with the mud at our feet. It is easier to settle in a dead-end job than face countless rejections. It is easier to embrace mediocrity than admit that we have potential for great success.

So let’s stop this attitude right now.

The next time you hear of someone who had failed trying to do something, don’t look at that person with eyes of sympathy, but look at the person with eyes of admiration. Here is someone who dared to fail. Here is someone who is willing to try and take risks, which is a lot more than what you can say about yourself.

The idea is not to fail for the sake of failing. But to fail for the sake daring to dream big. Fail for the sake of trying. Because, everytime we fail, we learn many things that do not work. Just like Einstein who said that he didn’t fail 1000 times in his quest for a lightbulb, but he found 999 lightbulbs that do not work.

We all grow up with spectacular dreams and visions of what we will do with our lives when we grow up. But as time goes by and as society and the world slowly wears you down with their cynicism and discouragement, your vision of your life gets smaller and smaller. Don’t allow that to happen! There is always time to start making your life count, instead of just another faceless cog in the wheels of a machine. Remember what you were passionate about? Remember what inspired you so much that time seemed to stand still when you were doing it? Search for that again and do something about it.

You will fail. I can almost guarantee you that. But it’s ok. Fail harder now, so you can succeed easier later.