Ever wondered how people look when they get tasered? Well, a photographer from South Carolina, USA, Patrick Hall, did and decided to do a project to capture images of people getting tasered… by choice! You would be wondering, which idiot will willingly allow themselves to be tasered?? Well, apparently, there are many of them who volunteered themselves to be tasered and captured on film and photography.

To make things even more interesting, Patrick got their friends to pull the trigger! Needless to say, the ‘victims’ all looked very anxious and worried before the tasering, while surprisingly, the friends who get to do the tasering appeared excited and eager to inflict this pain on their own friends!

The resulting reactions of the victims were really quite entertaining and masterfully captured. Many of their reactions seem very similar to the reaction one may get doing ‘something’ in the bedroom. Well, their pain is our pleasure, I guess. Enjoy the photos and the videos and share with your friends if you found this interesting!