Coolest Space-Saving Furniture and Products


As our cities get more and more compact and apartments get smaller and smaller, the need for smart design furniture and products become increasingly important. Here are some of the coolest and cleverest designed products that will help you save much need space.

This beautiful expandable round table.

The disappearing table.

Space under a table should never be wasted.

Another disappearing table.

Lots of storage under the stairs.

No more loose bowls on the floor.

A movable beverage counter.

Who said posters are just for show?

Lots. of. hidden. storage.

Just make sure to replace the books before using the stairs.

The hiding bed.

No space shall go unused.

Drawers and more drawers.

This foldable table

A study table under the stairs?

Shelf that comes with table and chairs

Lounge table and chairs that pack neatly together

Lazy chair with hidden compartments?

Dining table or pool table?

Sofa that becomes a dining table with chairs.

Make way for the bed.

Cosy hideout for pets

One sofa for 2 beds

A hall and bedroom all in one space!

Why waste a perfectly good door?

This transformable seating area.

Lounge chairs that transfrom into a pillar