Top 5 Most Romantic Dining Destinations in Singapore


Other than the Dempsey area off Tanglin Road, SG Club checks out the most romantic dining options located in less frequented parts of Singapore so that you won’t run out of ideas for your dates.

MIMOLETTE 55 Fairways DriveTel: +65 6467 7748

If you drive, surprise your date or other half by taking him or her to Mimolette.
This little restaurant takes the form of a black and white colonial house, and is located in the backyard of the Turf Club off Bukit Timah Road. Surrounded by horse stables and lush greenery, with an interior that is elegant yet homely, Mimolette’s ambience is undoubtedly peaceful, soothing and romantic.
To get to Mimolette by car, enter by Eng Neo Road and drive through a narrow path that will lead you, unexpectedly, to this quaint restaurant. The breakfast-brunch menu is a perfect way to start a lazy weekend morning, while dishes like the Seared Scallop Risotto and Maple Glazed Salmon sound too delectable to resist.
You can first enjoy an intimate dining experience the restaurant’s stylish, contemporary European décor, and then whisk your partner away to chill at the clandestine MIMOLETTE bar afterward.


PrivéNo. 2 Keppel Bay VistaMarina at Keppel Bay

Tel: +65 6776 0777 Privé interior night

Privé sits by the bay of Keppel Marine Club, and is open to public for day and night dining. It consists of a restaurant, bar and bakery & café.


Floors at Prive are lined with dense chocolate cut pile wood carpet, while the walls are decked in designer wallpaper and silver linen curtains, altogether complementing the restaurant’s sleek feel and classy ambience.    


Be one of the first to try Privé’s newly launched menu that serves up delicious renditions of familiar dishes like Organic Mushroom Soup and Ribeye Steak. They also serve a variety of fresh seafood and top grade pastas.


Casa Verde1 Cluny Road (Visitor Centre)Singapore Botanical Gardens

Tel: +65 6467 7326Casa Verde - Exterior at NightCasa Verde may seem like a regular trattoria, but it is in fact a relaxed and affordable place to dine in. It is recommended for couples who want to enjoy a meal in fresh garden air without the hassle of preparing a picnic. Located in the Botanic Gardens, the restaurant sits 30 in its interior, and 80 in its al fresco dining area. Simple details like Dutch temperate moss as centrepieces and wooden menu clipboards from Osaka help to create a modish ambience. It serves a variety of Italian food, including wholesome pastas and its highly raved about wood fired pizzas. Price range: S$20 onwards. 

Les Amis

1 Scotts Road

#02-16 Shaw Centre

Tel: +65 67332225

Les Amis - Restaurant Interior

Les Amis would suit you well if you are thinking of dressing up for that special anniversary, or seeking to impress your date with your fine taste.

The restaurant’s décor consists of Zwiesel glasses, Christofle silverware, precious artworks, and more, giving the place an element of class rarely found even in other fine dining restaurants.  Even the table linen and napkins are branded.

Les Amis boasts exquisite cuisine that is light and contemporary in style and suitable for local palates. They also have an unsurpassed selection of wines to choose from, with a trained in-house sommelier on hand to offer a good recommendation. Be prepared to pay for quality dining though, price range: S$50 onwards.

The Jewel Box 109 Mount Faber RoadThe Jewel Box Jewel Box lights up in styleHigh up and away from the city, The Jewel Box perched atop Mount Faber Hill, incorporates its architecture with a large amount of greenery and nature, but maintains a modern and classy feel. The Jewel Box is owned by Mount Faber Leisure Group, offers more than one dining option to its visitors. Named after gems, its five restaurants, Empress Jade, Sapphire, Black Opal, Moonstone, and Emerald Lodge, are all luxurious in nature, but each differs in ambience, and bears its own uniqueness in what it has to offer to the diner.

Whichever restaurant you choose to take your date to, you’re promised stunning views of the harbour and city skyline. Price range: S$25 onwards.  

Writer: Danielle Han




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