Top 5 Mistakes Tourists Make in Paris


Paris is a world famous holiday destination frequented by tourists from all over and is also known as the City of Lights. It is also known for stinky cheese. However, as much as all of us love this place, it is important for us to know about how we should be conducting ourselves in this wonderful city.

Let us understand the most common errors made by tourists when they visit Paris. This is something that has been gathered from one who has been staying in this city for many years and is very well conversant with tourist habits.

So here goes in reverse order:

Error #5 – Do not attempt to cover the grand Louvre museum in a short span of under three hours

While it is understood that you have travelled a good distance and have cramped your itinerary with a lot of interesting places to visit, just going through the Louvre Museum for the sake of visiting it would be doing your self a great injustice. This museum deserves nothing less than a day, especially when you pay so much (Euros 14) for the admission ticket and the fact that you would take long to locate the Mona Lisa. Moreover, you would have to wait your turn long enough to get a snap, thanks to so many people wanting to do the same. That is bound to take a long time.

Error #4 – Do not dress like the typical tourist or try to project your self in a different fashion.

Many tourists make the mistake of projecting themselves as a typical tourist complete with a hat and striped shirt and end up looking quite garish. The idea is not to get so localized that you overdo it. It is not as if when you visit Texas, you don a cowboy hat and wear boots with spurs to project your self as a cowboy. Hence it is important to be your self and not perpetuate a typical tourist image.

Error #3 – Not buying the RER train ticket to get out of Charles de Gaulle Airport

One of the most common errors by tourists is to believe that since they have already purchased the entry ticket for the Metro, the same ticket will suffice to exit out of the airport. However, this is not the case and very often the RER police who come on regular check up rounds are strict about implementing the rule and you could be charged a fine of twenty Euros. That would be really unfortunate. You therefore need to purchase the full charge ticket to get to the airport.

Error #2 – Do not think of Paris as a holiday destination to purchase cheap luxury goods

Many tourists think that they can get branded and luxury items at a much cheaper rate at Paris. This again is untrue as top brands have an image that they must protect and even the top French brands will not compromise on this fact just in order to attract more purchases from tourists. Though they may have their base at Paris and they could be manufacturing out of France, it does not mean that they will sell their goods at a discount. In fact, the price is likely to be higher since they know that tourists having come al the way will definitely purchase something and not bother about the price too much.

Error #1 – Ordering an a-la-carte dinner

It would be advisable to stick to a fixed price option instead of visiting a fancy eatery and while ordering the best of wine and cheese, run up a huge amount to be paid. While you would want to go to a nice restaurant and pick your food and drink items having come to Paris, it could turn out to be a costly affair.
Also keep away from eateries that promise “tourist menus” as they will generally offer pretty bland choice of food and drink and you could end up getting ripped.

So let us also know about your own list of what to do and what not to do in Paris through your comments. We would like to know about the experiences you have had in this wonderful city.




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