How to make more friends


Friends, everyone needs friends in fact one cannot do without friends. What would life be without a bunch of good, old faithful friends? Take some time out and ponder on this. By nature some folks are just plain loners who prefer being by themselves and doing what they want, I would go insane, it’s not my cup of tea. I encourage every reader of this article to make friends and if you’re the friendly kind then that’s great. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on, no man is an island. A good friend makes a huge difference.

Spending time around people helps opening the door of friendship, staying home alone is good but it won’t bring a friend knocking at your door. Mixing around with people, talking to them breaks the ice. Many times the interests may not be common but you vibe well with a particular person and not before too long you become friends. There are many public places where folks congregate to interact and plan activities and outings together; you could be a part of the same.

Talking, striking up a conversation makes all the difference. One can be around people but remain mum, guess what, nothing is accomplished. Small talk pays rich dividends. One thing leads to another. Eye contact is important as well, I have come across folks who speak at me not to me, by this I mean they are addressing me alright but their line of sight is on someone or something else. That is just not done. It does not cost anyone anything to flash a smile now and then. All it does is that it warms the heart of others and relaxes the face muscles of the one who smiles.

Once you build up a rapport with the opposite person and he, she or they are comfortable then further steps can be taken on the road of friendship, you could plan a meal, a casual get together or a picnic and establish a further bond in this wonderful relationship called “Friendship”. You really get to know a person better when you spend more quality time with that person. A friendly person is like a magnet and is never short of friends. Bear in mind there are different levels and kinds of friendship and that all should be honored and respected accordingly. As the saying goes “familiarity breeds contempt and this is so very true, space needs to be given to a person and you will be respected for it.

Solid friendships are based on trust; I surely don’t want to be friends with a person who is untrustworthy or inconsiderate. Being transparent right from the start pays off, a fake is easily caught. Trust is a two way street don’t get entangled with riff raff. Consider who you want to be friends with carefully. I hope you are encouraged and armed with some ideas at least so go ahead and make yourself a whole bunch of friends!