Bad Gifts for Ladies


Presents may harm your relation rather than strengthening it!

There are a few gifts you should never give a woman if you want to keep her happy. Selection of gifts requires forethought and understanding. To understand her you need to listen to her first. If you have listened to her well you will know what she likes or what she might like. Right choice of gift will surprise her and she will love you all the more, get it wrong and you will be considered a fool or uncaring.

Don’t think that best gifts need to be expensive. You can make them at home with a little effort and money but they should show care, taste and attention to detail.

Here are a few gifts which need forethought if you want to maintain your relationship longer:

  1. Electric appliances should not be given without prior consent.
  2. Cleaning equipments are strict no – no.
  3. Cooking utensils only if you need to cook dinner together.
  4. Try to pretend the gift is for her. (Actually it is for you)
  5. You can never fool her with a cheap perfume however fancy it may look.
  6. Clothes (you may not empress her with your impeccable taste, she may relish something else) better give her money to have the pleasure of buying for herself.
  7. Cubic Zirconium jewelry doesn’t stand before diamonds!
  8. Flannel lingerie! Only silk will do.
  9. Gift certificate! That too for weight watchers! Hey! You are signing your own death warrant.
  10. Anti-wrinkle cream ( do you want to tell her she looks older)
  11. Gift vouchers (you lack imagination and creativity or are too exhausted to choose something else?)
  12. A weekend together with your parents. Think something else.