What Does Your Coffee Say About You?


In the new book, The You Code, body language experts Judi James and James Moore decipher what our caffeine preferences reveal about our self esteem, stress levels and even sensual life. The You Code is published by Vermilion and will be released in March 2010.
THE ESPRESSO DRINKER – They tend to be moody, hard-bitten and hard working. They are into leadership and fast goals. The espresso drinker can be an experienced, exciting and consummate lover but is not known for reliability or unswerving loyalty.

THE BLACK COFFEE DRINKER – This type is all about minimalism and takes a no-frills, direct approach to life. The black coffee drinker can be quiet and moody but prone to brief bursts of extroversion. A difficult but potentially rewarding friend, colleague or partner.

THE LATTE DRINKER – Typically metrosexuals or cuddly-toy collectors, latte drinkers are pleasers with an overwhelming compulsion to be liked. A latte drinking boss will use a baby voice to tell you off.

THE CAPPUCCINO DRINKER – Such drink follower can be described as outgoing and optimistic. They are bubbly just like their drink; not meticulous in nature, they are not obsessed with worldly wants.

THE INSTANT COFFEE DRINKER – Happy-go-lucky and forthright in nature, this group likes to have a laugh and live life on the edge. Liking routine, they may not be adventurous in their careers and need to let others see the hidden depths in their personality.

THE DECAF SOY MILK DRINKER – Embracing the Eco-friendly and organic lifestyle, this person comes across as fussy and hard-to-please. They could be disguising their true personality.

THE FRAPPUCINO DRINKER – An early adopter in marketing terms, they fancy themselves as trend setters but send out the message that they are someone who favours style over substance. Not a loyal customer for sure.

THE NON-COFFEE DRINKER – For the caffeine intolerant and coffee hater or absolute tea fans, this group is not much of a risk-taker. If the taste of coffee puts you off you really are a child, authors of the book said. Coffee is an adult thing. So if you detest it, but wish to show your grown-up side, time to indulge in a cuppa now and then to release the wild side of you!

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