5 Romantic Destinations in Asia


Spending romantic moments is always a lifelong dream for couples. Make such precious moments memorable with romantic vacations. There are many beautiful places in Asia that are best for couples looking for romantic vacations. Enjoy those with touch and feel of romance in life. Here are five of the most preferred romantic destinations in Asia.

Taj Mahal

taj-mahalA mausoleum in the Agra city of India, Taj Mahal is known as the ‘symbol of love’ or ‘the epitome of love.’ The tomb not only has phenomenal beauty, but immense love. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built this in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The very first sight of Taj Mahal, on the banks of River Yamuna, will leave you and your beloved mesmerized. It looks more mesmerizing on full moon night when you hold hands of your beloved and the night passes-by unknowingly bringing in the romantic sun bath in shades of pink at twilight. For Taj Mahal it is also well said that there are two types of people, one who has seen Taj Mahal and the other who has not.


krabiKrabi in Thailand is one of the most unforgettable destinations in life. You and your loved one will get lost in the depth of love at the wonderful natural beauty and beaches in Krabi. The main attractions of Krabi are the natural and unspoiled beaches that offer snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. The land and sea surely will dazzle both of you.


baliIt is a tropical paradise filled with volcanoes, waterfalls, rain forests, beaches and sapphire blue water. Located in Indonesia, it may be the most romantic moments you will cherish in your trip, experiencing the canoes with your spouse in the gorgeous and serene lake of Bratan, veiled with mist. Bali is also considered to be the best destination for honeymoon.

Staying overnight at a rest house on a small headland on the lake will be so peaceful and cool. And walking through the botanical gardens and presenting the pretty orchid flowers on next day to your beloved, all these take your moments ever forgettable.


macauIt is well said that Macau never sleeps. It is the best place to enjoy with your loved ones the nightlife. Love blooms here layer by layer as the city is a complete mixture of everything, fortresses, churches, food, peninsula, islands and of course mega-casinos. It is a charming romantic destination with blend of Chinese and Portuguese cultures.

Langkawi Island

Langkawi IslandLangkawi’s islands and the adjacent beaches are a few of the most dazzling places in Southeast Asia in Malaysia. This is one of the finest places you can opt for picnic with your love. White sand gleaming in the glow of the stifling sun, pleased by the light wind as gulls and eagles wave in the skies, for sand and surf, which Langkawi has to offer. This small island never wonder be celebrated the most excellent beaches among outing crazies. The beautiful sweeping seashore, sandy bays, warm water and its vegetation all leads to in a dreamy day.




  1. We have been to most of these places. And honestly they are quite fun. But we do feel that the beach experience in Bohol (philippines) and the people there makes a very memorable honey moon place to go.

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