Being young and having a seemingly endless amount of time to deal with the future, students usually don’t bother to think too much about what they at the moment apart from studying hard. However, having worked for more than 10 years after graduating with a Masters degree, I would like to offer some sincere advice to you, that will put in a much better position to face the future.

1. Make friends, lots of them

You probablly don’t think too much about this issue and you probably already have a close group of friends that you hang out with. But I cannot over-emphasize the importance of making friends and having a large circle of friends. Some of the most important benefits of making friends:

  • Build critical emotional intelligence and human relation skills, which is probably the most important skill you need, yes, more important than intelligence, for success in the future.
  • Building a large network of friends will help in countless ways in the future in terms of career and business opportunities. And even crowdsourcing for ideas and information becomes so much more effective.
  • Increased possibility of finding a suitable life-partner. This is quite obvious and do not require further elaboration.

2. Explore and try as many different experiences as possible

School days is the time when you have the most opportunity and time to experiment and try many different things. Even as adults, we are still constantly discovering new interests and passions and it is so much better to discover your likes and dislikes early on than later. Never played a musical instrument before? Take up lessons now! Never went camping? Join the outdoor activities club in your school. Don’t stick to the same things you’ve always done before and explore new experiences. You never know what you might discover about yourself, which could open up new exciting doors for the future.

3. Develop your leadership skills

These are skills that no one teaches you but are incredibly important for success. Take the opportunities you have, either in class or CCA, to hone and improve your leadership. Make it a point to fulfill your responsibilties as a leader and learn from mistakes.

4. Don’t do stupid things

Yes, you might reason to yourself that you are young only once. Thus trying that stick of cigarette or having that casual sex might be a good idea, but IT IS NOT. There are many mistakes that one can make when young that will affect and impact you for the rest of your life. Think having the thrill of successfully shoplifting is cool? Think again. Don’t be stupid. If you don’t take care of your future, no one else can.

5. Work Hard

Cliche, but so so true. I lost count of the number of times I’ve heard from friends and people in the workforce that one of their main regrets is not studying hard and getting better grades and schools. These matter. Whether you like it or not, having a good school on your resume opens countless doors for your future. Fail to get it now, and you will leave with it forever. There is seldom a chance to try again. So for goodness sake, apply yourself and do all you can to succeed academically.

Well, I hope that you will seriously consider applying these 5 important advice I have given. You can go away and continue to do what you do as a student, or you can take them to heart and gain so much from your schooling days.




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