As you may expect, everything about The Expendables 3 is about being macho and manly. And what better way to achieve that than a motion poster? Gone are the days when a normal movie poster will do, now film studios are releasing motion posters to keep up with the times. It features *shockingly* Sylvester Stallone first, lighting a cigar with a match and proceeding to throw the lit match over his shoulders resulting in a massive explosion. After which, the rest of the cast appears.

While many have regarded The Expendables series as a last desperate attempt by old and fading away action stars to cash in on their status, but this franchise has proven to be hugely profitable. While The Expendables 2 earned less than the first, it still made more than $300 million worldwide on a $100 million production budget. Not bad for a group of old ‘has-beens’!

In this latest installment, they are even pumping up the volume by adding more old stars into the mix including Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Kelsey Grammar. If they are successful, it looks like we will continue to enjoy plot-less, adrenaline pumping action from all our old favorite celebrities.